You’ve invested countless hours choosing your dress, flowers, invitations, chapel, tux, menu and many other details to plan the perfect wedding. This one day event, in many cases, takes over a year of planning. Videography is a way to relive this special day over and over again. Videography is currently an emerging field that is fast becoming a standard.

The quality of a current video is nothing like it used to be in the pre-digital era. With the advances in technology a videographer has access both to digital editing tools and cameras currently used in Hollywood for motion pictures. Subtle edits and creative filming will bring out the natural beauty of the day. Your wedding day can become a movie that is enjoyable to view from beginning to end, complete with a trailer, bloopers reel, and many other features only limited by the imagination.

Today’s wedding video is not something Uncle Charlie can replicate on his home camera. Digital filming and editing allows a talented videography team to create a work of art in motion.

To view for yourself where the industry is today is as easy as logging onto the internet. Most videography companies have demos right on their websites allowing you to watch a demo in the comfort of your own home. Although you can not view a full length wedding on the internet due to bandwidth, you can view “trailers” and see the style of different videography companies. You can easily narrow down the videographers you want to talk with and request a full length demo. Pay close attention to the audio, style of editing, and cinematography on the full length wedding movie.

If you do your research and get a talented videographer, your wedding movie will live into the generations and become a beautiful family heirloom.

by Jennifer Giordani