Congratulations! You’re getting married!

Many wedding vendors, including myself, a wedding officiant, require payment in advance. The main reason I require advance payment is that I do not want the wedding day marred by having to deal with business.

You don’t need to be concerned about advance payments. Any wedding vendor is booking a year or more in advance, and knows that failing to honor their commitments will put them out of business.

I’ve actually seen musicians and florists have to stand around and wait for their fee after the wedding. And, at least two of those times there was the additional wait while the check was written.

The courteous and classy way to deal with paying vendors at the wedding is to have the checks written in advance, each one with the name and service provided by the vendor: April Blossom, florist; Bobby Barque, DJ; etc. These envelopes should be put in the care of a trusted friend or relative with the instructions to give the envelope to the vendor promptly upon completion of service. It’s classy, thoughtful and good etiquette to make these preparations. Remember, many of these vendors have other things planned when they complete their work at your wedding.

Contributed by Dan Jenkins