Have you ever pondered these questions?. . .  Do I really need a wedding video? Will I ever watch it? Is it worth budgeting for? Most brides ask themselves these questions relatively soon after their engagement. If you find yourself in the same position, make your analysis by considering what the cost of not having a video would be!

You will not have any audio from your wedding day.

Let me repeat that last statement, you will not have any audio from your entire day! If you want to know if that is an important statement, turn on your TV, and press mute. The exchange of your vows is truly the main event.

Without the audio, you will have your memories. If you want to relive the day, only video can fill this desire! Without video you will lose your unique events, funny moments, and heartfelt expressions. All of your closest family and friends are part of your wedding, their reactions and emotions are definitely worth capturing!

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer Michael Will

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer Michael Will captures the first dance.

Every bride has a “one of a kind day”, you owe it to yourself to capture it. Do your friends start their advice to you with, “at my wedding…”, if they have a video, you can watch it and relive their day.

Another thing to consider came from an email that I recently received:

“You did such a wonderful job that watching it brought us even closer together. Of course, we both were overwhelmed and teary eyed. It gave us the opportunity to see the way we interact from afar and how much we truly do love each other.”

You will have the opportunity to view the way you treat and interact with one another on your wedding day. Can you put a value on capturing all of the nuances and love the two of you have for each other?

So consider the video with the following analysis:

Cost of Wedding Gown – $2000

Limo for the Day – $900

Flowers – $3000

Reception – $25,000

Watching this video with your daughter, while she is planning her own wedding – PRICELESS!

Contributed by Jenny Giordani of Cana Films