Why Should I Have a Video? We’re already getting pictures, “Why do we need a video?” A good video will tell a story of your special day from a perspective that you could not have seen yourself. Pictures are great, and everyone should have them, but a video is a way to remember your wedding with life, sound, music, and fun. Those are things you can’t get from just a photograph. What to look for in your video: If you’ve made the decision to have a video of your wedding done, or you are looking into the idea, these are a few things you should be looking for in your videographer and know what to ask.

1. Experience/Credentials

How long have they been a wedding videographer? Do they have a degree? Are they a member of any credited bridal association such as the ABC or WEVA?

2. References

It is important to ask for a couple of client references. They can show you some great videos, but it is also important to look into their professional conduct at the ceremony and reception. You don’t want someone misbehaving when they are visible to everyone at your ceremony and mingling with guests at the reception.

3. Examples

As previously mentioned, you need to make sure they show you examples of their work. What will your video look like?

4. Style

What is the videographer’s style? Documentary, Direct or Artsy. Everyone does their job differently. You don’t want someone who will simply follow your photographer around and do what they do. The point of having a video is to remember and see things differently that your photographs did not show.

5. Equipment

What type of cameras do they use? There is a huge variety of video equipment out there from the basic home edition models, to broadcast quality professional equipment. You don’t want to pay someone $1000 or more if they are using a camera they bought at Wal-Mart for $300. You are not getting the professional quality you deserve.

6. Videographer

Who will actually be at your wedding? Some companies have many videographers and you aren’t always talking to the one that will be at your event. If that is the case, make sure to speak to the one who will be to ensure they have the same credentials and ideas that you are looking for.

7. Edited

Will your package include an edited version or an unedited version of your wedding? Some companies will charge you the same amount of money for a one copy unedited version of your wedding as another would for three edited versions. Which would you rather have?

8. Prices

Most packages that you will come across include a one camera at the ceremony and reception, a few copies of your edited production, and some extras (depending on the videographer) for an average of $800.

By Mara Denardo