It is a good idea to select a theme for your wedding before embarking on the journey of making wedding plans. By having a theme in mind, you will find it easier to make decisions when it comes to making your bookings for your gowns, location and other wedding items.

A Reflection of Your Personalities

A well-planned theme wedding also gives you the pleasure of knowing your guests will attend a memorable wedding, where everything has been well thought out and executed for their maximum enjoyment. Your guests will leave your wedding with sweet memories of how personal and different your wedding was. A theme wedding also offers a good reflection of you and your partners personalities as you incorporate your likes & hobbies into the scheme of themes…. and what better time to do this than at the start of your lives together.

Choosing a wedding theme requires decision making

Location: Be sure to decide if you want to have an indoor or outdoor wedding. Have an estimate of the number of guests you will be having on-hand before booking a site.
Decor: A guest table is the place to display all your wedding theme accessories. Guest Book with pen Set. Your Ring Bearer Pillow and Your Flower Girl Basket.
Favors: A theme favor will thank your guests and it will make an unforgettable wedding.

Places to Start

If you are having a hard time coming up with your theme, consider different elements in a few wedding categories. If you decide on one, it’s easy to build your theme around it. For example choose your favorite flower or season and build your wedding theme from there.

Flowers: Calla Lilly, Daisy, Roses.
Location: Beach Wedding, Garden Wedding, Winery Wedding.
Ethnic: Asian,Celtic Wedding.
Seasons: Fall Wedding, Winter Wedding.
Fairy Tale: Cinderella, Precious Moments.

Wedding Themes -the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Photo by Weddings by Heather of Pittsburgh

By Mirta Monico