We only want the best photos for you on your wedding day. Photos like these…

But, so many things to remember TO DO when planning a wedding. We’ve collected a list of what not to do in wedding photos – 10 things to avoid, classic mistakes to remember NOT to do!

1. Don’t be washed out in your wedding photos.

If you plan on doing your own make up, one common mistake is not wearing enough make up. Be sure to watch You Tube videos on wedding makeup and really practice and prepare for the big day. You’ll be taking a lot of photos and the last thing you want is to appear washed out – or just the opposite – overdone. Makeup artists actually have a great deal of experience and skill in the ‘not too much, not too little’ arena, so keep the possibility of hiring a professional makeup artist in mind. And be mindful of lipstick on your teeth – appoint your girls to keep an eye on each other – and you especially.

2. Don’t be a stranger.

Try to look like yourself on your best day. Kind of a follow up to #1, but I have seen brides with mile high hair wearing so much bling and bangles, and eyelashes – it was really too much. Unless you are typically a little over the top – if so, then go for it. But if you are a more simplistic type of gal, you will probably be more comfortable and happier with the wedding photos if you actually recognize that ‘bride in there’ on your wedding day.

3. Beware of flat arm.

Cameras are not always kind. Keep your upper arms out just enough so they don’t look flat and fat. One thing that I do wrong in every photo every taken is relax my arms against my sides. Don’t do that! They look twice as wide as they really are! Subtly hold your arms away from your body, so all that extra skin, fat, etc. isn’t all spread out.

4. Avoid back fat roll over.

A lot of us have this. You know that fatty budge that seems to appear even through t-shirts if your bra is slightly too tight. Or if you are even a tiny bit over weight or over 40, be especially cautious of this unsightly occurrence. A strapless wedding dress may not be for you. I promise you – you will be a lot happier with your photos and be more comfortable on your wedding day if you respect those little issues your body may not be doing perfectly anymore.

5. There are no stereotype bridesmaids. Respect that!

Each of them is different. Rarely are there a half dozen of your closest friends and family who all wear a perfect size six. (Although, I think the girls in the featured photo are all pretty close!!!) Choose dresses which will flatter your bridesmaids; they come in all shapes and sizes. Choose a style which will flatter all and cover up what may not look so hot. Or, a more trendy solution – have bridesmaids wear the same color and just vary the styles a bit. Everyone deserves to be comfortable and will look all the better in your wedding photos with flattering bridesmaid dresses.

6. Don’t overdo your group shots list.

Do we really need a shot of your mother’s second cousin with the bride and groom? Or Uncle Fred from Florida with the flower girl? Not to diminish their importance on your day, but time is precious. Create a shot list for your wedding photographer of the combination of folks which will really be meaningful to you and your family. The chances of anyone printing the photo of you and your mom’s cousin are slim. Both for you and for her.

Wedding photo ideas for group shot wedding photographs

Group wedding photo from a high angle allows more folks in one shot. Photo by Fineline Wedding Photography.

Get a total group shot. One great solution is an all-encompassing group shot. Have your photographer attempt to photograph everyone who is in attendance in one shot. Arrange for a place where he/she can get up high above everyone right after the ceremony. You can use a tall ladder, balcony or even climbing on a roof. The beauty of getting up high is you get everyone’s face in the photo and fit a lot of people in one shot. Have your photographer get the bride and groom to the area and have a couple of helpers herd everyone in that direction.

7. Don’t cover your face with your bouquets.

Keep your flowers down around your belly button when coming down the aisle. You and your bridesmaids may be a little nervous, so it’s natural to hide behind those bouquets. You may not even realize you are doing it… so this is a good rule of thumb.

8. Avoid the click, click, click.

Make sure your wedding photographer turns the “sound off” on his camera.  Beeps and shutter clicks during speeches, the kiss and vows don’t add to the event. This is especially important if you are doing a wedding video. You certainly don’t want the shutter clicking in the back ground of any part of the day. Have your photographer switch it before hand and keep it off.

9. Beware of cluttered backgrounds.

So many people… that’s what a wedding is all about. But be mindful of what’s going on behind you. Hopefully your wedding photographer will be, but it can be challenging at times and there are things you can do to be helpful and one step ahead of photo faux pas.  In the dressing room – invite your bridesmaids to keep all their stuff (and there will be a lot of it) in one corner of the room, leaving lots of great background areas for shots of the brides getting dressed, group shots of you and your girls, your wedding dress shot, etc. When it comes to the formal shots, it’s helpful if you, your fiancé and your photographer scope out the areas where they’ll be taken ahead of time looking for good backgrounds. Uncluttered areas and shaded spots out of direct sunlight where there’s unlikely to be a Great Aunt mosey into the back of the shot.

10. Don’t panic: Embrace the unexpected.

Every wedding day is full of surprises. Things will go wrong. Instead of panic and anguish, embrace those moments. They may end up being some of your best and possibly funniest memories. And will provide some priceless wedding photos and video. The best man can’t find the ring, the rain pours down just as the ceremony ends, the groom forgets to zip up his fly, the flower girl decides to sit down in the middle of the aisle or the bride can’t remember her vows… All good stuff when you look back.

The only really important thing at the end of the day is that you’re hitched, and you can ride off into the sunset, or snowstorm – together.

Photos courtesy of Fineline Wedding Photography

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Wedding photo tips on wedding hairstyles and makeup

Perfect wedding makeup and hair. Very simple and elegant. Photo by Fineline Wedding Photography.

Pittsburgh wedding photographers, wedding photos by Fineline

Totally pulling off the dress. She looks great in a strapless gown. Photo by Fineline Wedding Photography.

Wedding photographers Pittsburgh, wedding photos by Fineline wedding photographers

Awesome group shot of the wedding party. Photo by Fineline Wedding Photography at the George Washington Hotel.

Fineline wedding photographers in Pittsburgh wedding photography

Awesome outdoor wedding photos at Succop Conservancy. Photo by Fineline Wedding Photographers.

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