Pam and Mark are a couple from Pennsylvania that had a great idea to add a little something special to their wedding day festivities. They wanted something that was not based on a traditional wedding video. Their twist was to add video clips to Journey! To capture the beauty of their day while also offering up adorable moments to involve their brave guests they added some choreography to the ultimate rock ballads, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey.

This great idea involved clips from their entire wedding day and was formed into a music video. This was all planned ahead to add something special that can be shared with all of their guests for years to come. The focus was not just on the couple, they involved their entire bridal party as well as guests from their special day to be included in this exciting video.

The video does not just focus on the normal progression of the day. They got to add in choreography that gave it an entertaining twist. They wanted their guests to be involved so the camera was not on them constantly.

A song was picked and the vision was put into motion. The piece was made by the creators at FineLine Weddings with the help of the inspirational couple. The guests were able to meet with the videographer the day of the wedding to make the creative piece something special for the family.

This type of idea requires commitment because it will not be traditional. A music video cannot be made with traditional shots all day. This concept needs to be planned ahead! The creators listened to the song numerous times to make sure the day could match up. There was planning involved so if a music video is what you have in store for your special day make sure you are willing to let a little tradition slide and come up with something creative!

Article by FineLine Weddings