Why have a makeup artist on your wedding day? If you are like most brides, you are probably wishing you had a fairy godmother that came on your wedding day, and with a splash of her wand, transformed you into the Cinderella of all Brides.  Wish no more, the answer to your fairytale wedding ending is hiring a makeup artist.

Why hire a makeup artist?

It’s next best thing to a fairy godmother. I am a freelance fashion makeup artist and esthetician; however my passion is for bridal makeup. There is no better joy then knowing that you are a key asset in one of the most important days of someone’s life. So many sources depict brides-to-be as these monstrous she-devils; more so like the wicked step sisters of the fairy tale than the whimsical Cindy! To me, future brides are the most gleaming, spirited, and smitten women I’ve met. They come to me with trust, inquisition, confidence, and most of all, picture perfect expectations.

The bridal makeup is not only about makeup for the occasion but also about Pre-bridal skin as well.  In advance a bride should cleanse, tone, and moisturize to prep the face for a smoother finish.  The rest is up to you your makeup artist!   Professional help is often helpful in assisting brides to look their best and be photography friendly.  Brides should choose the correct colors and expert highlighting and contouring.  Cosmetic colors should compliment your wedding attire and style. As professionals, makeup artists are trained in color theory and techniques.

Stick with your personal style

I suggest choosing your own personal style and sticking with it. Wearing makeup at your wedding doesn’t mean you have to compromise your individuality.  Don’t be afraid of color though. Cosmetics are made you accentuate your best features. You want to look and feel like a celebrity, but definitely be recognizable!  Take some time and sort through magazines to find your perfect look and bring them to your consultation. Sometimes the image you are describing to your makeup artist isn’t the same she/he might have. Believe me, I’ve been to many confident hairstylists who knew exactly what I was talking about and ended up leaving with no where near what I had described.  Photos will be the best illustrations of your magical vision.

Meet with your makeup artist for a consultation.  Experiment with different color and product choices. I take photos with my digital camera for my clients after we’ve completed a look. Sometimes it’s easier to judge a photo than the mirror! Be honest with your makeup artist, that’s why it’s a consultation. If you don’t like something be sure to speak up. You don’t want to be second guessing or obsessing over something that you doubt later. It is important to leave your consultation satisfied and confident.

Lastly, my advice for the bride to be is to not stress about makeup.  You are in good hands with a makeup artist.  Remember, you are bride; you are going to be beautiful no matter what when it comes down to it.  Cinderella sparkled on her big day and so will you.

By Dee Dee Malloy