Big day coming up. Take note of these five easy steps to help you become a beautiful bride. Get that picture in your head – and make it come true.

Wedding Makeup

Unless you are completely adept at all things make up it’s probably a good idea to hire a makeup artist to do your wedding makeup on the big day. This is a day of many photos and needing your makeup to last all day. A makeup professional will have a lot of tips, tricks and products you may not know about.

Having said that you don’t want to look like a complete stranger as you walk down the aisle to your husband-to-be. So educate yourself. It’s helpful to have the knowledge to coach your artist a bit on the day of – but also for looking awesome everyday of your life. My biggest source of education has come from watching makeup videos on YouTube. I love Kandee Johnson. She got me started. Now I have gotten into watching other artists, but Kandee is very down to earth and will give you drug store suggestions, as well as pricey suggestions for makeup products. I turn them on in the morning while I am applying my makeup, so I’m half watching and half doing my usual routine, as well as trying out new ideas. I love it! My favorite part of the day. So start watching make up videos get a picture in your mind of how you want to look on your wedding day. I guarantee you will get a least one or two amazing tips and new product ideas (maybe more) from every video you watch!

Wedding Hairstyles

The same goes for wedding hairstyles. Again, I have gained so much knowledge from watching YouTube videos I can’t even believe it. There are so many great hairstyle videos. These are not only great for ideas on styles if you are hiring a wedding stylist, but also lots of DIY wedding hairstyle ideas. There are videos to give you ideas and improve your techniques – and they’re done by real people sharing ideas, problems you may encounter, and solutions! Pinterest is another great one for ideas on makeup and hairstyles. Check out our Best Wedding Hair Styles board on Pinterest.

Wedding Dresses

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, make sure you pay special attention to your body style. Choosing the wrong style bridal gown really takes a way from your whole goal – being a gorgeous bride on your wedding day. You may not have the frame for a strapless wedding dress or the height for a bridal gown which flares at the waist. Even if you think you’re missing out on the wedding dress of your dreams – your goal is to look gorgeous. The best thing you can do is wear something which complements you. Shop around to different Pittsburgh bridal shops until you find a bridal consultant you feel comfortable with who is really, really helpful in finding a complementary dress for your body. Different bridal shops have different sales people and different sales techniques so give yourself plenty of time and I mean plenty of time to find that perfect bridal gown. Not only is choosing the right dress a process, but they sometimes to take months to arrive once your order. Then there are alterations, etc., since you’ve been working out and eating right.


Fitness is key! But make your fitness goals realistic. If you’re not big into working out find some workout routines you can stick to. I do a 20 minute workout routine a day. This involves a great little video called Foundation Training which takes 12 minutes. Then I do my stepper for 10 to 15 minutes. I exaggerate – it’s usually five minutes on each leg using a little step up bench about 8” high. But it’s a decent work out and at least I’m doing something. This is going to be a busy time for you so you really have to set realistic expectations of yourself. One of the keys is starting well in advance. If you’re getting married in a year start now – you’ve got a lot more time for improvement. Even three to six months is great. But if you think you’re going to drop 10 pounds and look great in about 3 to 4 weeks you’re kidding yourself,  so be realistic. Still having said that – START NOW – whatever your wedding date. Any type of exercise is great for you emotionally as well as physically and will be a great stress reliever.

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy just goes with fitness for me. Get those grains and veggies going and you will not only drop some lbs, but you will feel great! And your skin will look so much better without drinking sugary sodas and too much alcohol.

Have a Beautiful Attitude

I think the last and most important element in being a beautiful bride is your attitude. You are not the first person to ever be married. While it is stressful and the day is about you, remember to be kind, loving, patient and courteous to those around you. There’s no reason to become a Bridezilla. I find those Bridezilla types usually look like Bridezillas as they walk down the aisle. They are missing the “glow”  – which is truly the essence of a beautiful bride.



featured photo by Craig Photography

photos below by Sky’s the Limit Photography

Wedding makeup artists in Pittsburgh

Having your wedding makeup done by a professional – excellent choice! Photo by Sky’s the Limit Photography

Wedding hair style ideas

So many wedding hair styles to choose from. Start searching now on YouTube and Pinterest. Photo by Sky’s the Limit Photography

Wedding hair styles for long hair and wedding updos

Wedding updo – gorgeous on this Pittsburgh bride. Photo by Sky’s the Limit Photography

Wedding dresses and bridal gowns in Pittsburgh

Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes. Choose the one that suits you! Photo by Sky’s the Limit Photography

Wedding dress, wedding updo and wedding makeup

The bride who brings it all. Perfect wedding makeup. Gorgeous wedding updo and lovely wedding dress! (Groom’s a cutie, too!) Photo by Sky’s the Limit Photography