When budgeting a wedding, couples can easily underestimate the costs of details and, as a consequence, let their spending go awry. One prime example of this is flowers with the costs effortlessly climbing into the thousands. Instead of sacrificing your fantasy honeymoon to Ibiza in order to have floor-to-ceiling blossoms, here are suggestions you can apply to afford beautiful wedding flowers on a budget.

Outdoor Weddings in Pittsburgh

Lovely Schenley Park is an ideal outdoor wedding location in Pittsburgh.

Have your wedding in a natural setting

Select a reception location which needs little added decorations. Such indoor locations can include art museums like the The Mattress Factory and the Frick Art & Historical Center, the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium and the beautiful indoor flora of Phipps Conservatory. Of course, Pittsburgh has innumerable options for couples who want to be wed among the great outdoors; the many city parks offer picturesque, intimate settings and their hills provide breathtaking backdrops of the city skyline. And let us not forget about the nationally acclaimed view from Mount Washington!

Certain avenues of reducing the cost of the event’s flowers can simultaneously make the event more eco-friendly as well. Instead of buying cut flowers which will be tossed after the celebration, buy or rent potted plants to serve as decorations or centerpieces. Not only are they often equal in price, but they will continue to live long after your big day. Additionally, consider selecting flowers that are local and in-season instead of having to have blossoms shipped in from faraway places; this will eliminate shipment costs and will lessen your carbon footprint. Talk with local growers and find out what pesticides were applied to the gardens so you can successfully avoid breathing in the chemicals sprayed on the majority of blooms that are mass-produced overseas. When the occasion is finished, perhaps donate the flowers to a local hospital in order to make the most out of their beauty (and to perhaps receive a tax write-off).

Save on wedding flowers with cheaper wedding decorations

These poms add a splash of color to your wedding reception and keep costs down.

Consult a floral expert with your pre-determined budget and discuss your various options. Enter the meeting having already decided whether quality or quantity should take precedence, as an archway overflowing affordable blossoms like carnations and daisies could be the same price as minimally placed exotic blooms. There is no right or wrong choice, merely your own personal preference. Consider limiting the amount of separate types you use, as buying a single kind of flower in bulk and using it to decorate multiple facets of the venue is a great way to save money compared to having small orders of different blooms. When choosing where to employ floral arrangements, consider using the same pieces for the ceremony and the reception. Do not leave the ordering of flowers until last minute, as rush orders will cost you dearly.

Candles, Poms or even Lolli Pops

Cheap wedding reception decorations

These lovely glass vases filled with pearls and branches make inexpensive centerpieces.

Find other alternatives for flowers. Candles make excellent centerpieces, as do transparent containers or woven baskets filled with brightly hued items like candy, leaves, fruit, colorful paper or ribbons. If you want to integrate floral color, you can stream petals along the table cloth. Brides might even opt to have non-floral arrangements and, instead, have bouquets made from origami, wrapping paper, patterned materials, seashells, buttons, brooches, lollipops, yarn and feathers. Perhaps you will want to skip the bouquet entirely, in favor of carrying another festive embellishment down the aisle, such as detailed parasols, colorful balloons, pretty fans or dangling and woven baskets. Unorthodox substitutes like these lend to making a wedding unique and youthfully celebratory as the couple dodges stiff tradition in favor of fun, fresh ideas.

Post contributed by Luiza Funar.

Featured Photo courtesy of Karrie Hlista Wedding Designs, Pittsburgh