Choosing and making wedding favors takes considerable time and effort. It is fitting, therefore, that their display at your actual event reflect all the love and care that went into them. Here are some favorite wedding favor ideas for presentation:

The general rule is to give one guest favor per family or couple. Depending on the type of favor chosen, some brides and grooms may choose to give one favor to each and every guest. Close family members and friends who have played a special role in the celebration (i.e. a bridesmaid, a godparent, grandparents, a best man, etc.) may receive a different and more elaborate guest favor than the guests.

Wedding Favor Ideas

– Use your wedding favors to accent the individual place settings.

– Work with your wedding florist or decorator to create a unique, eye-catching display in the middle of each guest table. If you are clever, the displays can eliminate the need for elaborate floral centerpieces and help you save on your floral budget!

– Create a “tree of gratitude” by arranging a number of tree branches in a large and sturdy vase or pot. Hang the guest favors on the branches and invite your guests to pluck their favors from the tree during the reception.

– Display your wedding favors at a reception table along with seating instructions and place cards.

– Arrange the wedding favors in a pretty basket or on a silver tray that is easy to carry. Be sure to take the time to distribute the favors to each and every guest in the company of your groom.

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wedding favors and wedding favor ideas

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