Since the DJ you choose can make your reception totally awesome –  or an absolute disaster, here are a few tips and tricks from Pittsburgh disc jockey DJ Jet of Entertainment Unlimited. He has been in the biz a while and knows how to get the perfect wedding dj in Pittsburgh for your wedding reception. He’s all about how and when to get the energy up, as well as when to step back and let the light shine on the bride and groom.

Having an Interactive DJ

DJ Jet is unique in that he’s not afraid to step out from behind the booth. He aims to get the crowd involved in a variety of ways – even if it means stepping onto the dance floor to lead the line dance. He’s been known to lead a Conga line, and organize a Hitch style dance where he has the crowd form two lines and then come down the middle in pairs doing funky dance moves. (Note to self: Get invited to one of DJ Jet’s receptions)

His first goal is to get the party started – and then take it to the next level. To do that, a DJ must have the ability to read the crowd. Simply being able to judge when to play certain songs or when it’s time to pick up the microphone,  come to the dance floor and personally add more energy to the event. Main objective – “At some point, I want the bride and groom to be able to look around a jam packed dance floor and see Uncle Ed doing the worm; the maid of honor doing the robot; or a coworker doing a back spin.”  He aims to provide a setting where pretty much anything can happen and it’s all pretty entertaining!

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DJ Jet gets the crowd in the groove at a Pittsburgh wedding reception.

Choose a Disc Jockey with Good Timing

While coming out from behind the booth is an important part of what your DJ should do; timing is everything. Sometimes, it’s best to stay behind the booth and let the bride and groom and their guests take the party to the next level on their own.  Jet notes, “If the dance floor is packed and there’s a huge circle on the floor with person after person stepping to the middle to hit some entertaining dance moves, there’s no need for me to be out there. I’m going to let that scene play out without interfering. Or, if a specifically requested song by the bride and groom is playing and the crowd is pumped up and dancing, I want everybody to let loose and enjoy themselves. I only want to be on the dance floor if it adds to the party in an appropriate way.”

Stepping out

It is really important to make sure you have a disc jockey who can gauge the level of the party.  DJ Jet says “I might step to the floor if a circle forms on the dance floor, one or two people jump in the middle, and then everybody is just kind of standing around the edge of the circle.  At that point, I will most likely  jump in the middle of it and hit a quick running man or some other dance move and then step back out to let things pick up.  By the same token, if I organize something like the Hitch style dance, I will be the first one down the middle to show everybody what’s going on. But, once it starts, I’m out of there, not going to keep jumping back in line and going down the middle.  That’s for the bride and groom and their guests to enjoy.”

Being an interactive DJ who brings out the best in a crowd is a very important aspect to the success of your wedding day. It’s great to have a disc jockey who enjoys what they do, but is truly focused on the bride and groom and their guests having a great time.  Jet encourages you to look for a DJ with these skills:

•    Providing professional emcee services for the formal parts of the evening
•    Making sure the event is continually flowing smoothly
•    Playing songs requested by the bride and groom at the appropriate times
•    Taking requests from the crowd
•    Working those requests into the flow of the evening
•    Get the party to reach its maximum potential
•    Making sure everybody has a fantastic night that they will never forget!

DJ Jet is affiliated with Entertainment Unlimited. For more information on DJ Jet and how to choose the perfect disc jockey for your event check out our Pittsburgh Disc Jockeys.

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Great weddings don’t just happen. Hiring a great DJ to keep the party going is essential.

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Get the best DJ to make sure your wedding guests have the time of their lives.