Here are a few words of advice and tips to remember before and during your wedding ceremony from Dan Jenkins, a wedding officiant in the Pittsburgh area.

Don’t lock your knees. Evidently it can cut off blood circulation and cause you to pass out. That usually applies to long wedding ceremonies. It isn’t so much of a problem with ceremonies which are less than 30 minutes.

Wear comfortable shoes. The Bride and Groom usually do not realize how much time they will be standing and smiling on their wedding day. If your shoes can be seen, you want them to look excellent and fashionable, but you also want them to be comfortable. Your shoes will be either your best friend – or your worst enemy – on your wedding day.

Eat a light meal a few hours before the ceremony. Failure to eat can also lead to passing out during the ceremony.

Don’t consume alcohol before the wedding. Again, intoxication on top of an empty stomach can cause major problems during the ceremony. And, Pennsylvania law permits an officiant to refuse to do the ceremony if he believes either the Bride, or Groom (or both) are impaired.

A light coat of vaseline on your teeth can make a great smile dazzling.

Look at each other. For every Bride and Groom preparing for your ceremony: during the Questions of Intent, Vows and Exchange of Rings, look at each other. Your commitments are being made to each other, not the officiant.

And, don’t forget to enjoy your wedding.

by Dan Jenkins

Photo by DelPrincipe Photography of Pittsburgh