Brides around the world have different expectations of how their wedding day should turn out. But every bride wants to look beautiful as she attends pre-wedding events, strolls down the aisle, and attends her post-wedding celebrations and romantic honeymoon.

You can’t expect to wake up on the day of your wedding and prepare for your bridal beauty then. It takes months of preparation if you want a flawless look which will have your guests in awe, and your own mind at ease with your appearance. Even the most beautiful woman in the world works at making her beauty shine!

As a bride, you will want a head-to-toe appearance that is fresh, vibrant, and youthful, no matter your age. Getting in good shape is not all about exercise and diet. While most brides focus solely on their size, there are other beauty basics brides need to pay attention to in the months before their wedding.

Flawless Nails.

As a bride, your groom, photographer, and wedding guests will be looking at your hands more than usual. They will want to see the ring. If your hands are dehydrated or your nails are in poor condition, you will be disappointed when you see the results in your wedding photos. Many brides use pre-natal vitamins to boost the condition of their nails and hair.

For several months before your big day, make a regular appointment to have your nails done professionally. Solar nails will not break off as easily as nail tips or your natural nails. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water. Water is the nourishment your body needs to stay in good shape and it also keeps your skin from appearing old and wrinkled. Invest in a good moisturizer for your hands and apply it liberally throughout the day, especially after washing your hands. If your wedding is in the winter months, you might have to take extra care of your hands to make sure they don’t dry out. Ask your salon if they offer wax treatments for your hands. This is a process in which your hands are dipped in warm melted wax, giving them a soft, smooth appearance.

Flawless Skin.

A spa and salon can also handle the facial care you will need for the months leading up to your nuptials. Facials can sometimes irritate the skin initially, before you see results, so do not schedule any abrasive facials like a scrub for the day before, or day of, your wedding. You also want to ensure any products used on your face will not cause any type of reaction, so be sure to try them out months before your wedding. Again, water will help your face retain its youthful look. It plumps out wrinkles and keeps your skin from appearing flaky. Make sure you know the effects of any facial treatments you undergo, since processes such as mud facials can draw out toxins and cause pimples to occur.

Flawless Hair.

For your hair, try out different styles before the wedding, but do not overdo it on the chemicals. You do not want to change your hair color every other day and then wind up with hair that looks and feels like hay because it is so dried out. Make sure you use a good conditioner and other products such as gels, mousse, or hairspray to help your hair retain a natural look. You do not want your hair to appear greasy, but shiny. It should have life to it, a nice bounce when you move, instead of being glued to your head.

Taking care of your appearance from the inside out will help ensure your appearance is flawless and beautiful on the day of your wedding. Then anything used topically can assist in enhancing your natural beauty. As you see a transformation in your appearance, you will learn that you will not need as much help using products on the outside to make an impression. You can go with lighter makeup, so it does not have that caked-on look. Take a feminine, romantic approach to your beauty routine and it is guaranteed that you will feel confident when you wake up the day you are to become a Mrs!

by Sharon Vaz

Photo by DelPrincipe Photography of Pittsburgh