Getting ready to say “I do” requires a bit of pre-planning. Your wedding ceremony is THE main event of  your wedding day, setting the tone for the festive reception ahead. Typically, so much emphasis is placed on the reception, so we wanted to give you a few wedding ceremony ideas from our favorite Pittsburgh wedding officiant, Sandra Monahan of Weddings Without Worries. She offers wedding ceremony options and offers general guidelines you should, and in many situations, must follow for a special and meaningful wedding ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Options

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Wedding Without Worries at Lingrow Farm.

Ceremonies in religious churches or synagogues may have very specific pre-marital requirements for the couple. It’s imperative to contact your church well in advance of your chosen date as many require at least a six-month notice. Your priest, minister or rabbi will approve and plan directly with the couple. Traditions of the religion must be respected and followed. While most religious ceremonies take place in a church, chapel, etc., you may discuss with your minister the possibility of having an outdoor wedding ceremony. There are several lovely venues for outdoor weddings in Pittsburgh and your minister will answer any questions you may have regarding availability of an outdoor ceremony.

Couples choosing to be married outside of a specific religion or church may choose a non-denominational ceremony in unique locations. This type of wedding ceremony allows the couple to have a major role working with the officiant to create a personalized start to the big day. Writing your own wedding vows, choosing your own ritual and readings add a warm and light-hearted touch which will offer years of wonderful memories. Celebrant ceremonies are specifically created and officiated in a collaborative effort with the wedding couple and finding a professional and certified Celebrant is essential. Just like any of the other wedding professionals you will be working with, having a comfortable relationship with your wedding officiant is obviously so important. Begin planning your special day with the ceremony, as it is the start and most important part of every wedding.

Contributed by Sandra M. Monahan, Master Life-Cycle Celebrant® . She has been happily officiating personalized ceremonies in the PA, WV and OH regions for 15 years and also offers wedding consulting and etiquette education. Thanks, Sandee – we appreciate your input. Feel free to contact Sandee with any questions or for some lovely wedding ceremony ideas. We promise – you will love her!

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