The butterfly release is a beautiful and elegant alternative to the traditional throwing rice.

Brides are looking for other ways to make their wedding different and unique. The releasing of butterflies is starting to become a very popular alternative to throwing rice. They are environmentally friendly and so beautiful. As the butterflies fly around and even land on guests, you will see the delight and excitement on their faces. They will leave talking about the release, some may even be walking out with a butterfly on their shoulder!

When ordering butterflies, you want to make sure that they come from a reputable butterfly farmer. You do not want to try to save money and order “grow your own” butterfly kits. There are many things that can go wrong and you don’t want to be disappointed on your wedding day. The butterflies can either be released individually, or as a mass release. You may want to consider the event, to decide what type of release to do. You can order enough butterflies to hand out to all of the guests, you can just have the wedding party do a release, or the bride and groom can do a mass release. When doing a mass release, three to four dozen make a nice release. You can do more, or even less, depending on the impression you would like to make.

The individual release envelopes are a triangular shaped envelope. Different farmers offer different options. Some use origami envelopes, others use a card stock type. Some will offer to have names and dates written on the envelopes free of charge, others will charge a small fee. The mass release boxes come in many different sizes, shapes and decorations. You can opt to make your own, or buy one from where you purchase your butterflies. They can range from a plain basket with netting wrapped around it, (that you make yourself), to the more extravagant box decorated in satin and flowers. You can talk this over with whomever you purchase your butterflies from. They will be able to advise you on how to get the best effect.

Do remember that the butterflies cannot be released in the rain, or in temperatures below 65 degrees, depending on the type of butterfly  you purchase. In the event of rain, you can use a hanging cage to place your butterflies in and hang them at your reception. As you can see, there are many options and ideas for a butterfly release. When you purchase your butterflies, they can advise you on what would work the best. A butterfly release will add that unique and elegant touch to your wedding, but beware, they just might steal the show.

Contributed by Jodi Hopper