A tiara is a form of a crown. The word “tara” comes from Persia, and then translates to the latin word “tiara”.  Often referred to as a diadem.Traditionally, the word tiara refers to a high crown often with a shape of a cylinder narrowed at its top, made of fabric or leather and richly luxuriant. A diadem (from the Greek ‘diadema, diadeo’ to surround) was originally a white ribbon that was placed on the shoulders that surrounded the head of the king.

A Tiara was historically used by kings and emperors of ancient people to denote power and wealth. The Assyrians used to include a pair of bull horns and a circle of feathers as a decoration symbol of authority. This design was modified by the Persians to a more similar truncated cone, without the horns and feathers, with elaborate ornate jewels and a conic shaped tip at the top.

During the birth of Catholicism, the Papal tiara was introduced. A high cap surrounded by three crowns and bearing a globe surmounted by a cross. This was worn by the Pope during certain ceremonies bearing the symbol of his authority. Since Pope Paul VI set aside his tiara after the second Vatican Council, the Papal Tiara has not been used. Pope Benedict XVI even removed the tiara from his Coat of Arms replacing the symbolism of a mitre.

The fictional super heroine Wonder Woman is usually always depicted wearing a tiara; hers can be thrown as a weapon. Modern times have seen the tiara become a feminine symbolism for a bride.

The tiara has become a semi-circular band, often metal and decorated with jewels. It is worn by the bride and/or bridesmaids around their head or on the forehead. Traditionally worn with a veil, the tiara is adorned as an important piece of bridal attire.

Tiaras have become a modern symbol of beauty, frequently used to “crown” the winners of beauty pageants. More recently, the tiara has become widely used as a valuable fashion item to wear, tiaras are now seen at many formal occasions. High Schools have set the standard for this fashion accessory and have become an essential item for a girl attending her prom.

Tiaras are nowadays handcrafted using metal, wire, semi precious stones and crystals. All designed to give that sparkle factor. Worn with confidence a tiara is a perfect keepsake for your special day!

Translations Deutsch (German) n. – Tiara, Diadem Nederlands (Dutch) Tiara, Diadeem Francais (French) Tiare, diadame Italiano (Italian) Tiara, diadema Portugues (Portuguese) n. – Tiara (f) Espanol (Spanish) n. – Diadema, Tiara Svenska (Swedish) n. – Tiara, diadem

by Ann-Marie Payne