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Steven Vance Entertainment
Steven Vance Entertainment

Steven Vance Entertainment

Creating a unique musical soundtrack for your Wedding Day! Our specialty is Strolling Violin, Electric Violin and String Ensembles but we also provide a wide variety of other groups including Jazz Trios, Steel Drum Bands, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elton John, and Elvis Impersonators, Klezmer Bands, German Bands, Italian Bands, Bluegrass and Country Band to fit your personal taste and style.

If you can't decide between live music or a DJ - have both with the ONE-OF-A-KIND VIOLIN & DJ PACKAGE.

My own specialty groups include the Keystring Duo of Violin and Piano - a personal favorite, the Cafe Trio of Accordion, Violin, and Bass - very European and Romantic, and the Vienna Nights Orchestra.

We'd love to be part of your Wedding Day !

Allison Park, Pennsylvania
United States

Phone: 724-444-8400
Contact Person: Steven Vance

Areas We Serve: Western PA, Eastern Ohio, WV, Western MD, Soutwest NY