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Flawless Execution Events LLC
Flawless Execution Events LLC

Flawless Execution Events LLC

Weddings and parties are celebratory occasions. My goal with both types of events is that everyone in attendance has a fantastic time. As weddings are special, one-of-a-kind events, they can often result in extra stress for the couple getting married. Therefore, my extra-super-duper goal with weddings is to alleviate as much of the couple’s stress as possible in regards to the party aspect, so they can focus on that thing that follows – the marriage. Plus, it’s a lot easier for the couple getting married to have a great time when they’ve been set free to experience their party, rather than executing it.

5112 Rosecrest Dr
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201
United States

Phone: 612-384-2343
Contact Person: Heather Herrington

Areas We Serve: Pittsburgh and surrounding areas; we also travel