If you thought Christmas was the optimal time of the year for romance, think again! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the most romantic day of the year is sure to send thousands of men down on one knee, and brides-to-be into an arduous, heart-filled, red-and-pink haze to last throughout the season.

The enchantment of the holiday can invigorate any Pittsburgh wedding planner with rekindled passion and inspiration for her Big Day. Whether you’re a sucker for all the hearts, kisses and chocolates or are vehemently opposed to St. Valentine’s spell, February 14th’s looming presence is sure to drive new creativity and ideas into your plans for décor, color schemes, flowers, and most importantly, bridal jewelry. Jewelry is one facet of wedding coordination that is oftentimes left as an after-thought; yet in many cases, it can significantly improve or take away from your white dress! Whether you’re recently engaged or are still waiting to pop the question, the flurry of sales and promotions from department stores can’t be overlooked. After all, regardless of marital status, Valentine’s Day is the best excuse for new accessories!

Symbolic – If it’s a heart-shaped necklace you want, there is no better time to shop for it than in the weeks around Valentine’s Day. The same goes for most any thematic jewelry pieces, as February comes with a wealth of options to choose from. For example, you can illustrate your undying devotion with a decorative “infinity” symbol, or honor your commitment with a “Mrs.” or “I do” necklace that can be customized by artisans on Etsy to add personal touches and match the wearer’s unique style. Even religious shops will likely have an influx of inventory or special discounts on standard pieces, like gold or diamond crosses, Celtic knots or the Star of David.

Rose Gold – Otherwise known as pink gold, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, this metal mixes yellow gold and copper alloy to achieve a rosy, feminine hue. Collections of rose gold bracelets, earrings and necklaces will undoubtedly be easier to find at this time of year. Online stores like ShopHQ carry gold jewelry pieces from numerous designers that range from simple and elegant to extravagant and weighty, meaning a huge array of options that can be matched with your dress’s neckline and any additional jewelry selections.

Gemstones and Pearls – Diamonds, of course, can be found in abundance in February. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and engagement rings all benefit from the vivacity of eye-catching sparkle. But if you are searching for a bridal piece that includes a pop of color – something less traditional and more original – there are hundreds of gorgeous and unique gemstone jewelry options right at your fingertips. From turquoise and tiger’s eye, to amethyst and emerald, to amber and the classic pearl, nature’s most precious stones make for a beautiful asset to any wedding color scheme or bridal gown.

Handmade – For a gift that truly comes from the heart, skip the department store route and find a vendor that does handmade pieces. Each item is handcrafted especially for you, meaning your piece will be that much more rare and valuable – not to mention, customizable. Numerous jewelry designers who sell their products online will pieces created especially for the holiday, so that either your pre-made piece will be delivered on time, or you can wait after the holiday to take advantage of their post-holiday discount to clean out unsold inventory. Check out these one-of-a-kind items by Debbie Brown and see just how lovely handmade items can be!

Use the Valentine’s Day season to fuel your inspiration for wedding jewelry that is as beautiful and sweet as the holiday itself. Your wedding pieces should be both enchanting and striking, and what better time to find those characteristics in fashion jewelry than during the month of romance and love?

Contributed by Kerri Dershowitz

Photo by SkySight Photography of Pittsburgh