David’s Bridal “What’s on Brides’ Minds” survey unveils
How brides are saying “I Do” (or “I Don’t”) to social media on their wedding day

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA., May 19, 2014 – Everyone has seen the viral video of a couple’s first dance as husband and wife, the amazingly choreographed entries of wedding parties, or the beautiful picture of the loving couple walking up the aisle after exchanging their vows.  But for brides who do not want their weddings to play out like a reality TV show, how much is too much?  Official status update: social media may or may not be invited to the wedding.

In their 8th annual “What’s On Brides’ Minds” survey, David’s Bridal asked newly engaged and married women about their opinion of the role social media should play at the wedding.  While brides want their guests to enjoy and capture their special day, many are taking cues from celebrities such as singers Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce and asking that certain details and photos be released on their terms.  Other brides are going completely unplugged like celebrity couples Kerry Washington & Nnamdi Asomugha or Leighton Meister & Adam Brody – who kept their weddings so off the grid it was weeks before anyone even knew about it.

“It is hard to escape the presence of social media, and many brides use it to announce their engagement and as a key tool during the wedding planning process,” said Brian Beitler, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at David’s Bridal. “Our ‘What’s On Brides’ Minds survey found that while some weddings are shared by guests with hashtags created by the bride and groom, others are requesting that guests power down completely and simply enjoy the festivities without digital distractions.”

Social Media and “The Dress”

One of THE most important decisions for some brides is the selection of the wedding dress.  David’s Bridal stores have seen a steady increase of social media usage throughout the process of selecting the perfect gown – from brides-to-be arriving with Pinterest pages, favorites lists created on DavidsBridal.com or photos of styles they like on their smartphones.  And for brides who have friends or loved ones who cannot go wedding dress shopping with them, Skype and Facetime are the perfect tool to make sure everyone is included.

Social Media Wedding Etiquette – the #DOS and #DONTS

Brides are becoming more insistent on controlling the messaging of their nuptials by setting guidelines of how public the wedding will be on the internet.  Regardless of their stance on posting or not posting, 44% of brides believe digital rules are important in setting the tone for their guests.  Only 14% of brides are taking cues from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who are rumored to be completely banning cell phones from their wedding – and asking that there be absolutely NO social media posting.

Other notable social media requests brides make:
•    Don’t Spoil the Surprise: 62% believe the bridesmaids should not post any photos of the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony.
•    Wait Your Turn: 58% believe the bride and groom should be the first to post a photo from the wedding.
•    Viral Video Stars: 32% are saying “I don’t” to any video content on YouTube, which means no chance of a viral video!•    #BestWeddingEver: 26% want you to use their specially-created hashtag should you post anything about the wedding. Actress Kaley Cuoco not only Instagrammed during her wedding and in the days after, she even used her own hashtag #thesweetings. Cuoco’s first wedding photo posted on Instagram under the hashtag received more than 48,000 “likes” from her fans.
•    Sharing is Caring: Only 22% think the bride and groom should be the only ones to post photos from the wedding. Once again Kaley Cuoco and her husband shared their happiness online allowing their guests to post photos throughout their New Year’s Eve wedding, and Mad Men actor Ben Feldman posted a photo of him and his bride right after the ceremony.

Live on Skype, it’s… your wedding??? To broadcast or not to broadcast… it might be an easy answer for couples who meet on The Bachelor, but even Kim and Kanye are struggling with this one.  But what about your friends and family who can’t make it to your destination wedding? When it comes to Skype-ing or live streaming their nuptials, 36% of the brides surveyed thought it would be a nice touch and a way to include everyone, even if they can’t be there in person.

Status Update:  “Married”

And of course, as soon as you are married you have to think about changing your name on your driver’s license, passport, and credit cards… but what about Facebook or Instagram?  A majority (56%) of brides will update their profile with their new name within a day of the wedding, and 10% will actually do it as the wedding is happening!  We wonder when Kim will change her Instagram name to Kim Kardashian-West?

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