Determining what you are looking for regarding wedding reception entertainment doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it should be an enjoyable part of planning the biggest party you’ll ever throw… your wedding reception! Keep in mind that one of the biggest qualities to look for in your disc jockey is compatibility – with you and your fiance. If you feel like you get along well and are ‘on the same page’ so to speak, it will make things much easier. This is true when considering any of the wedding vendors you select. Make sure you are compatible, first and foremost.

Questions when interviewing potential wedding DJ’s

  1. Is professional attire worn?
  2. Is back up equipment available on site?
  3. What is the vastness of the music library?
  4. Are cordless mics used?
  5. Is lighting included?
  6. Are requests accepted?
  7. Do you have insurance coverage?
  8. And, of course, pricing????

In fact, pricing may be the first question that is posed. Price, of course, is a major factor, regardless of what we are purchasing, and must always fit into your budget comfortably. And while all of this must always be taken into consideration and must be discussed, I think it’s important to point out that if the wedding reception disc jockey entertainment company you are considering is truly professional, is serious about their career and takes pride in what they do, all of the above items will be granted, no matter who you choose.

Keep in mind that your entertainment company will be performing, more times than not, from the moment your guests arrive and they will be the last ones to leave. With this in mind, naturally you’re going to want someone who you truly feel comfortable with, enjoy interacting with and are looking forward to spending most of the day, or evening with. Doing your homework, interviewing and choosing someone who’s personality is compatible with yours is truly a real value.