Even though your big day will be encapsulated in your mind for the rest of your life, you’re obviously going to want photographs of your nuptials. While the professional wedding photographer you choose can offer touch ups and advice on positioning, there are aesthetic aspects you can keep in mind whether you are choosing your bridal gown or taking a casual shot with your friends on the dance floor.

Flatter Your Skin Tone

Not all hues look good on everyone, and your ideal shades are often determined by the tints in your skin. After all, wear the wrong color and you can appear washed out, sickly or ruddy. Wear the right selection, and you’ll look positively luscious in photographs. Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist; do they appear blue? This is a sign of a cool skin tone, which will seem rosy or pinkish in the mirror. Most people have cool undertones, including those with dark or tan skin. Jewelry made with metals such as silver, platinum and white gold flatters this look. Additionally, cool tones look better in pure white than ivory and, when choosing your makeup and hair accessories, keep in mind that colors like blue, green, pink, purple and blue-based reds will look especially pleasing.

Greenish veins are a sign of a warm skin tone, which may see golden or peach undertones in the mirror. Warm tones are complimented by jewelry made of gold, copper and pewter. Warm tones are flattered by ivory rather than pure white. Surround yourself with earth tones such as orange-based reds, browns, yellow-based greens and yellows for your most radiant pictures.

If you’re still unsure of which end of the spectrum your skin is tinted, check with your makeup artist.

Select the Right Jewelry for the Shape of Your Face

A lovely wedding necklace and earrings can help you look your most radiant. Start by determining the shape of your face.

Oval faces taper from forehead to a curved chin and are around 75% as wide as they are long. Oval faces are widest across the temples and forehead. Those blessed with oval faces can wear most any type of jewelry. Most lengths, sizes and shapes of jewelry will flatter.

Round faces are circles – the width and length of the face are approximately equal. Jewelry suited to round faces includes long necklaces; dangling and angular earrings; and square, oblong or rectangular earrings.

Heart-shaped faces are widest at the forehead and cheeks, then narrow sharply to a pointed chin. This face shape is flattered by choker necklaces and earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top.

Rectangular faces are longer than they are wide. High choker necklaces are flattering, as are mid-sized hoops, chandelier or dangling earrings less than three inches long, studs or button earrings.

Choose the Most Flattering Wedding Gown for Your Body Type

Finding the right gown that flatters your body is also pivotal to looking your best in photographs. There are two principles to keep in mind when making your selection, the first being to find a gown that plays up your strong suits and detracts from your trouble points. For instance, if you have broad shoulders, use a decorative waist to draw attention away from this attribute; if you’re shorter, a sleek silhouette with a consistent vertical pattern will allow the eye to travel up and down, providing the illusion of height. When in doubt, finding a dress that cinches at the smallest point of your waist is always golden, and A-line and empire waist styled dresses are much easier to shine in. Wedding dress vendors like David’s Bridal allow you to browse by silhouette, so it’ll be easy to sift out the cuts that would be unflattering.

Lighting Matters

Your wedding photographer knows how to light your portraits, but your relative who want to take their own pictures won’t have the same insights. Make sure all of the photos turn out well by staging the lighting to compliment you on your big day.

Diffused lighting is almost always more flattering than direct light. Diffusing light can be as easy as hanging sheer fabric in front of light sources. In addition to creating more flattering pictures, this will also make the lighting more romantic for your wedding. If you’re unable to diffuse the light in your event location, consider using multiple lights with lower output. Candlelight is also very flattering.

Posing for Photos

We’ve all been in photos where a double chin appeared from nowhere. When you’re posing for photos, slightly stick out your chin and angle it upwards. The most flattering angle for photographs is if the subject is at a slight downward angle from the photographer. When you’re smiling remember to press your tongue against the back of your teeth. This will help to “pop” your cheeks and make your neck appear slimmer. For full-body photographs, the most flattering angle is never straight on. Try turning slightly, with one leg slightly in front of the other and the opposite hand on your hip, to create a long and lean silhouette. Posture makes a difference. This is your day and you’re the star. Embrace the attention by standing tall with your shoulders back and your head high.

Remember to Smile!

Nothing quite says “this is the happiest day of my life” quite like a big smile. So forget your aching feet and focus on the positive. If an ear-to-ear grin seems like a strain, try a quick trick of placing the tip of your tongues against the roof of your mouth to make your expression more natural. Plus, if you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about your teeth, don’t forget that there are teeth whitening solutions. So let your joy radiate from your heart to the camera lens, and capture your bridal glow to reflect on for years to come.