When starting to plan my own wedding I tossed around the idea of creating my own wedding floral arrangements from fresh flowers the day before the wedding. I thought about it for a while, and decided it was not the best idea. Too much stress! I know people do it all the time, but I was determined to have the most stress free wedding possible. I knew there had to be another answer, and the thought of paying thousands for fresh flowers which were only going to last one day didn’t sit well with me or my budget.

After a lot of research I discovered Sola flowers. They are very thin and delicate and made out of balsa wood. Without close inspection they can be mistaken for fresh flowers. What I love most is that they last forever.  When starting to arrange the flowers for my own wedding, I realized it was something I really enjoyed. I was more than pleased with my own bouquet, and decided I wanted to be able to give other people the chance to have unique, everlasting wedding bouquets and flower arrangements on their big day. Hence, we created our own type of bridal bouquets and wedding flowers with Sola Flowers.

Our company, Eternally in Bloom is based out of Pittsburgh, PA, however, we ship nationwide. When you make a custom order, you will be sent a sample of sola flowers in your chosen colors as well as photos throughout the process. This way even if you can not see them in person, you will be sure to get everything you expect!

We offer free shipping to anyone ordering a complete bridal package. If you do happen to live in the Pittsburgh area, we will deliver the wedding packages free of charge.

In short they are made of balsa wood, come in a variety of types of flowers and can be dyed any color to match your wedding perfectly. With proper care they can last forever, and make a great after wedding memory.

Contributed by Nicole Mueller

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wedding bouquets in Pittsburgh

Sola flowers bridal bouquets by Pittsburgh wedding florist Eternally in Bloom

wedding corsages and boutonniere

Wedding corsages made with Sola Flowers by Pittsburgh Florist Eternally in Bloom

bouronnieres in Pittsburgh

Boutonniere made with Sola Flowers by Pittsburgh wedding florist Eternally in Bloom

wedding centerpieces and wedding centerpiece ideas

Wedding centerpieces made with sola flowers by Eternally in Bloom, Pittsburgh