Planning a wedding does not have to be an expensive affair; creativity and effort go a long way to make something lovely without spending a ton of money.

Creative Wedding Planning

Hosting a wedding doesn’t come cheap, but it is possible to organize your special day without breaking the bank. In fact, there are many ways in which you can chalk up considerable savings, while still putting on the wedding of your dreams.  A little bit of creativity and a helping hand from your loved ones is key.

First instance, an extravagant wedding cake can prove very costly, especially as we all want a cake which will stick in the mind of Aunt Helen from Australia for many years to come. But in fact, the wedding cake is one of the easiest areas to in which to save money. Ordering a smaller version of your dream cake and serving a sheet cake (cut behind the scenes, of course) is one great option. Otherwise, why not ask a family member who is skilled – and enthused – when it comes to baking to design a cake for you?

Similarly, buffet snacks can easily be created in the form of simple and effective finger foods, and without forking out on the cost of an expensive caterer. It is also possible to save money on the wedding invitations. Indeed, not only are they easy to design but you and your fiancé might have fun making your own. For example, purchasing card material is relatively inexpensive, which you can then use to attach the relevant information and photograph. A passport sized photograph of you and your fiancé will suffice and can be purchased very cheaply too.

Simplify Your Wedding Reception

You can save costs on the actual wedding venue, providing you are open minded and choose wisely. As such, a well decorated garden at your family or friends home can provide an equally impressive reception location – with a little thought and effort. For example, shells picked up from a nearby beach – and thoroughly cleaned – make excellent centerpieces, while large branches or twigs from the garden draped with fairy lights can create a natural and well-lit ambiance.

However, there is more to a wedding than the overall presentation of your chosen venue; entertainment is equally important. After the vows and speeches are all said and done, your guests will be ready to let their hair down. Rather than worry about how much you will be charged to hire a DJ, why not run the show yourself in the shape of an iPod disco and shuffle your favorite tunes? A suitable sound system will still be required, but this will cost considerably less than that of a DJ and the accompanied equipment.

It is possible to make various cutbacks and still have the wedding you have always dreamed about. Start planning early, stay organized and just keep it light. Keeping your attitude light-hearted and stress free. That will go the farthest in making your wedding day one you’ll love to remember!

Contributed by Reagan Blackpool

Photograph courtesy of Tracy Lyn Photography