Your wedding video may be the most worthwhile cost of your entire wedding. It will contain some of the most cherished memories from your special day. Because of this and continuing developments in new technology, many couples are opting to have their wedding filmed in high-definition. If this is also important to you, here are some things you’ll want to consider and some suggestions on working with your wedding videographer.

1. Are You Ready for Your Close-up?
One aspect of HD video that is often overlooked is whether the customer is actually prepared to watch themselves in Hi-Def. All those close-ups will be much more revealing than you’re used to.

2. Additional Cost
There are additional costs associated with HD wedding videography for many reasons. Depending on where you live, supply and demand can play a major role. In southwestern PA only a handful of professional videographers are currently offering HD production (and even then you’ll want to clarify what you’re getting – see below).  These videographers are investing in more expensive equipment, tapes or digital cards, capturing devices, and Blu-ray burning equipment software.

3. Who Else is Getting a Copy?
Keep in mind what your final product is and who is getting a copy. If you’re getting Blu-Ray discs and giving copies to mom and dad, make sure they have a Blu-Ray player.

4. Clarify What You are Getting
Some videographers are offering HD Production with a final product of standard definition DVDs and not Blu-Ray. The HD production means your day will be shot in Hi-Def but down-converted to DVD. If you truly want Blu-Ray make sure to inquire what you’re getting as a final product.

5. Who is Shooting?
Because the ability to shoot in Hi-Def and deliver a final Blu-Ray video is still relatively new for the consumer wedding marketing, not every wedding videographer is able to provide this. You may have to prioritize whether you want the professionalism and style of a videographer who is not offering Hi-Def or whether you want to go with the unknown videographer who is.