You would never hire a professional wedding photographer to simply “point and shoot”, right? You’re expecting creativity, artistry, and advice. So why expect anything less from your videographer.

Wedding videography can be and should be much more than point and shoot, but beware because most small companies or individuals that call themselves wedding videographers are really just “point and shoot” operations.

Music Montage Style Editing
One aspect of our DVDs that brides love is the music montage style of editing that we use for retelling moments such as: the bride getting ready, pre-ceremony activities, photo shoot session, and the cocktail hour.  This style of editing also frees up our videographers to be even more creative and artistic while shooting.

The music montage style of editing allows us to take an hour’s worth of activities and retell the moments through a beautifully edited 3-5 minute piece that utilizes only the most precious moments caught on video.

Be Sure You’re getting ALL Your Footage
Even though portions of the day such as the cocktail hour may get edited down to a 5 minute beautifully edited piece, we make sure our brides get ALL the footage that was shot that day by including a separate set of DVDs of all the unedited footage.

We’ve had lots of brides who tell us that for their one year anniversary they love knowing they can playback all the wonderful (and often silly) moments caught on video.

What to Take Away
Your wedding video is supposed to be full of life and creativity both in the production and editing. Make sure you’re selecting a creative videography team and make sure you’re getting a copy of everything shot that day. You don’t deserve anything less!

by FineLine Weddings in Pittsburgh