Toying with the idea of whether or not you’re going to attend one of the fabulous Pittsburgh bridal shows? If you’re engaged and in process of planning the biggest event of your life, your wedding – get to at least one! Pittsburgh Bridal Shows and Wedding Expo experiences are priceless when it comes to meeting fabulous wedding vendors, gleaning wedding ideas and grabbing some great deals.

Here’s why –
1.    Get into the spirit. While planning a wedding can be a pretty tedious task, it can also be joyful. It’s SUPPOSED to be joyful, after all! Surround yourself by other brides-to-be who are equally as overwhelmed and excited as you are!
2.    So many ideas in every direction. Things you didn’t know you didn’t know. Make sense? Go with an open mind and be receptive to ideas you might not have considered before. Check out our up to date list of all the top Bridal Expos in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.
3.    The best wedding pros will be there. Bridal shows are expensive for wedding vendors to attend. So you can be sure – if a vendor is there, they are serious about their business and most likely real pros. That’s not to say that a few flaky, shaky’s don’t sneak in from time to time. But chances are good, you are dealing with the best of the best at a wedding expo.
4.    Great deals await. Visit the website of the Bridal Show(s) you will be attending. They will most likely encourage you to pre-register and offer coupons to discount the cost of admission. There are typically special drawings in which you will be entered by pre-registering, as well.

Bridal shows in Pittsburgh bridal expo

Pittsburgh brides-to-be taste some yummy wedding cupcakes at a Pittsburgh Bridal Showcase Wedding Expo.

5. Taste the cake. This is the best part! Every cake baker and wedding caterer is going to be there with samples. Save yourself the time and hassle of setting up numerous tastings and seek out the best ones now! Plus they will have examples of some gorgeous wedding cakes, cupcakes, or the latest wedding dessert trends. Crepes anyone?
6.    Bridal Fashion Show. Time your visit so you can see the Bridal Fashion Show. Most bridal shows offer them. This is an amazing opportunity to experience the dresses in motion and really get some great ideas for your own bridal gown, your attendant’s gowns, mother-of-the-bride ensembles and even the flower girl. Tuxes are usually showcased, as well.
7.    Get some fresh ideas. Music, DJ’s, Florists, Wedding Venues… They are all going to be there. This is one great opportunity to get a ton of info and ideas in one afternoon. Listen, look and learn!

8. Be open to a wedding planner. While you might not think you can afford one – they can get some pretty great deals and have a ton of fab ideas! They will be there. Talk to them and see if it might not be a great idea to hire one and take the pressure off!

9. Do be prepared for information overload. This will be a lot to take in within a few hours, so make a few notes. When you find a vendor you’d like to follow up with, take a pen and write what struck you as appealing about them on their business card or literature. When you get home and are faced with brochures from 14 different photographers, your note may be the only thing you have to remember which vendors you liked and why. Also, write down any good tips they might give you on THEIR literature to help you remember who was knowledgeable and helpful.
10.    Just have a great time. Whether you are going with family friends or both, just chill and enjoy the time. This, for once, IS all about YOU!

Bridal shows pittsburgh wedding expo

Checking out wedding caterers at a recent Pittsburgh Bridal Showcase.

Bridal shows in Pittsburgh bridal show and bridal expo

Bridal shows in Pittsburgh – a great start for you and your fiance to get into planning mode!

Bridal shows in Pittsburgh bridal show

Gorgeous wedding dresses at bridal expo fashion show in Pittsburgh.

Photos courtesy of Pittsburgh Bridal Showcase – Bridal Shows in Pittsburgh, PA.
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