Easier is always better, so keep these simple steps in mind while shopping for and preparing your wedding invitations. Some of your earliest decisions regarding your wedding invites could influence the mailing process. When wedding invitation shopping, be sure to carefully read the product description for a notice of ‘extra postage required’. This notice is typically made on pocket, self-mailer and larger square designs, but keep in mind it could be noted on other styles as well so be sure to pay very close attention to avoid later surprises.

Tips when mailing wedding invites

Be sure you have a return address either pre-printed or handwritten on the outside of your wedding invitation envelope, preferably on the back flap. This will make certain that the post office will return any undeliverable invitations back to that address.

Enclosed response cards should have a postage stamp on the return mailing envelope as a convenience to your guests. Only a postcard stamp is required saving some postage costs if the response card is a postcard style.

To determine the correct amount of postage needed, the post office should weigh one of your assembled and ready-to-mail wedding invites.

Purchasing self-adhesive stamps will make things easier. The post office will have several styles for you to choose from or you may want to create your own custom wedding stamps through an online retailer. You can choose an already designed wedding stamp or simply upload a favorite photo to share as part of your invitation mailing. Personalizing them with your names and/or wedding date if often an option as well.

Mail all of your wedding invites directly at a post office about 4 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding date, maybe even sooner if you are having a destination or holiday wedding. For weddings to be held during holiday times, over a holiday weekend or destination, the recommendation is for the invitations to be mailed 10-12 weeks ahead of the wedding.

One last, but very important thing to keep in mind pertains to the postage. Be aware of any scheduled postage rate increases that may occur between your purchasing your postage and the actual mailing date. With response cards, make sure the postage you provide will still be adequate when guests are mailing them back which could be up until 2 weeks before your wedding.

by Sara Haese of Printed Creations