Kid friendly weddings are much more widely accepted these days than say in the 80’s, 90’s. Even though children and weddings are a topic of great debate, having kids at your wedding is a reminder of where you are headed! All those little people bopping about being part of your wedding day festivities will only bring joy and more than a few chuckles to every wedding guest in attendance. So, if you do choose to have children at your wedding, try not to treat them as little adults. Treat them as they should be, VIP guests!

Making children feel welcome and special will help keep them busy and well behaved. Have a special “kids only” table set up somewhere in the reception hall. This table can hold special wedding treasures for your tiny VIP guests. Treasures could include wedding coloring books and crayons, a simple wedding craft to assemble (maybe a picture frame to remember the day), white play dough and wedding cookie cutters, wedding bubbles and even special non-messy wedding snacks to eat! There are tons of ideas on line these days, particularly on Pinterest and Instagram for kid friendly weddings. Plus – not having to hire a baby sitter for the day (or evening) is a plus for parents. Ideally, hiring a teenage girl or two (or enlist family members) to keep an eye on the kids, supervise activities and hopefully keep everything under control. Remember VIP guests are still just kids and will behave as such, no matter how fancy the festivities are supposed to be. Enjoy what they bring to your day!

Making their day special will ultimately make your day a day to remember!

by Laurie Bonine

photo by Diane Maxwell Photography of Pittsburgh