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How To… Decide Who Pays For What

Figuring out who pays for a wedding can sometimes be a touchy and confusing issue. It’s not as clear-cut as it used to be. Though there is no set way the bill has to be split, here is a traditional guideline of how the costs are customarily divided. ..Read Entire Article Here

How To… Know What To Do When – A Wedding Timeline

We all know that planning a wedding in Pittsburgh is a huge undertaking. So, let’s make this simple! There are endless options for items you do want, traditions you don’t want, and expenses you’ve haven’t even thought of! The challenge is deciding what’s right for you and your fiancé, and then getting everything done in a timely and organized fashion. …Read Entire Article Here

How To… Select A Creative Caterer

You’ve got the date set, the reception venue has been booked, your next step would be to find that creative Pittsburgh caterer! First things first! You and your fiancé should discuss a few things before you start your search. The caterer will probably take the biggest bite out of your budget, so you will need a realistic idea of what you both feel is affordable. …Read Entire Article Here

How To… Plan And Prepare To Register

A Wedding Registry is a wonderful thing! However, there’s a lot to think about. Here are some thoughts and tips you may want to consider, along with general information to help make this a fun, easy and enjoyable experience! …Read Entire Article Here

How To… Get What You Really Want! The “Must Have” Wedding Registry Checklist

What an exhilarating time! You’re about to plan your dream wedding, marry your ideal soul mate and embark on a romantic honeymoon! What’s more, your friends and family are going to shower you with gifts – which you get to pick out. Ahhh, the beauty of the Bridal Registry! What a marvelous concept! Your wedding guests actually prefer to know exactly what you wish for and have you hand pick every item. Could it get any better? …Read Entire Article Here

How To… Choose Your Wedding Party & Compile A Guest List

Choosing your wedding party and compiling your guest list are two of the most significant parts of planning your wedding in Pittsburgh, because you are involving those who are close to you! However, you’ll need to take into account that there may be challenges. Making parents happy, not over-filling your wedding venue and avoiding hurt feelings are a few of the sensitive issues at hand. …Read Entire Article Here

How To… Be A Good Groom

Guys, the months leading up to a wedding in the vibrant city of Pittsburgh are undoubtedly some of the most stressful your bride will go through in her life. There is one thing you can do to help…be a good groom! This just means cooperate, show a little interest, send her flowers once in a while, and stay away from anything which will add stress to her life at this time. …Read Entire Article Here

How To… Throw A Bachelor Party

Here it is! Your one last night of freedom to “let loose” before the big day! Or so they say… Trust me, there will plenty to look forward to after the wedding, but you will be living in a different world. Bachelor – Bachelorette parties in Pittsburgh are a well deserved break from all the demanding, hectic, wedding planning which has consumed your life for the last several months. …Read Entire Article Here

How To… Make The Most Of Your Bridal Show Experience

We all know the two best reasons for attending a Pittsburgh Bridal Show: Tasting as many of the cakes – as often as possible, and; dipping into the chocolate fountain – making sure to sample each type of chocolate offered! This is a given! However, there are a million and one other great reasons to go! …Read Entire Article Here

How To… Plan Your Reception Menu

Several things come in to play, when you are planning the menu for your wedding reception in Pittsburgh. Realistically, the menu will take about 40% of your budget! If you are trying to keep cost down, there are a few things to think about. Start with the guest list. Keep it as small as possible. …Read Entire Article Here

How To… Select The Right Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Reflected in the portfolios of their work, you will see that each wedding photographer has their own distinctive style. To find the right photographer for your special day, you must first decide on the photographic style you prefer. If you are not sure which style is right for you, the following options clarify the differences. …Read Entire Article Here

How To… Go from Miss to Mrs.

I am a traditionalist! Having just recently been married I opted to, of course, take my new husband’s name. I was aware there would be a few forms to fill out and a line or two in which to patiently wait. Then, after all was said and done, we would officially and for the entire world to acknowledge, be a matched set of Mr. and Mrs. …Read Entire Article Here

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