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How to… Throw a Great Bachelorette Party

Here it is! Your one last night of freedom to “let loose” before the big day! If you are looking for Bachelorette Party Ideas or Planning a Bachelor Party – read on.

Trust me, there will plenty to look forward to after the wedding, but you will be living in a different world. Bachelor – Bachelorette parties are a well deserved break from all the demanding, hectic, wedding planning which has consumed your life for the last several months. The guys have been through a lot, too. Whether it’s the chest pains they’ve experienced as they watch the credit card bills pile up, or just the several stages of “Bridezilla” they’ve endured, your spouse-to-be deserves a night off! This is your chance to gather all your closest friends together, which in our busy lives is something that doesn’t happen often. Take advantage of this occasion and make the most of it!

Remember, gone are the days of being limited to a one night, all out blast. Now these occasions span entire weekends, and include many fun and exciting options for both the Pittsburgh bachelor and bachelorette.

If at all possible, allocate two weekends a few weeks prior to the wedding. Designate them as your “bachelor” time.

  • Spend one weekend with all of your friends enjoying the traditional bachelor party revelry. Go crazy, have fun, and maybe even get into a little harmless trouble!
  • The second weekend should be spent relaxing and thinking about the step you are about to take. Have lunch with parents, drinks with a good friend, or just spend time alone reflecting on your up-coming life changes. This is a big step. There is no such thing as giving it too much thought!
  • You would be smart to avoid having the bachelor party the day or night before the wedding. Your wedding may be both the most important and expensive day of your life; do you want to spend it overly tired, crabby, or even hung over?
  • Make sure you keep the lines of communication open with your fiancé, and they are comfortable with everything you will be doing. The last thing you want to do is start your life together on the wrong foot because of a disagreement over the bachelor/bachelorette party. It will not be worth it in the long run! So, remember, before you embark on your escapades; clarify your plans with your fiancé.
  • Think of a fresh twist to the traditional bachelor parties. Turn it into a daytime event, as well. Go on a shopping spree, a golf weekend, or visit a spa with your closest friends. Follow-up your day with the customary dinner, drinks, and whatever innocent fun night may lead you to.
  • Take advantage of the fact this might be your last “slumber party” occasion with all of your friends. Here’s a great opportunity to grab a bottle of wine, and stay up talking and laughing through out the night. If there is one occasion not to be a party-pooper, this is it. You’ll be glad you weren’t years down the road.
  • Think about having your party out of town. It’s a great excuse to take a short excursion and visit someplace you don’t usually have the opportunity to see. Added bonus: You won’t have to worry about running into anyone you or your fiancé knows, including them!
  • Although all these new options can be a blast, make your party plans with your friend’s budgets in mind. While you may have set aside the funds for some ‘momentary madness’, this may not be the case for them. You don’t want to exclude a close friend from the festivities due to finances.

Lastly, just relax, have fun, and trust your fiancé. This should be an enjoyable escape from all the pressure you’ve both been under while in the planning process. Nevertheless, if you really are apprehensive about this being your last chance for freedom – maybe you’re not all that ready to be getting married!

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