Every little bit helps when saving money on your wedding. What if you could save money on your wedding invitations without sacrificing style and quality? Efforts to spend less on your wedding invitations do not have to be huge to be cost effective. In fact, sometimes just planning ahead can save you both dollars and stress.

Of course, the obvious step would be to trim down your guest list resulting in fewer invitations ordered and mailed. But that’s not always practical when you have lots of family and friends with whom to celebrate your special day.

There are also many other suggestions for easing your wedding invitation budget:

1. Shop around to find that perfect style that fits your budget. The Internet provides an abundance of wedding invitation printers. It is so convenient to shop from your computer when it fits YOUR schedule.

2. Order early to prevent paying more for faster shipping methods. Having plenty of time to assemble and address your invitations will also eliminate last-minute pressure.

3. Be sure to order some extra invitations to allow for last-minute guests and to save a few as keepsakes. It’s definitely cheaper to order more initially than to place an order later for only a few more. Typically, the more invitations you order, the lower the per-piece cost.

4. Select a simple wedding invitation style such as a single-panel card which tends to cost less, especially when ordered in quantity.

5. Consider a seal and send wedding invitation. This economical all-in-one design folds up and seals into its own self-mailing piece. Without the double mailing envelopes, this style tends to cost less per invitation and eliminates the extra cost of response cards with return envelopes. Instead, a response postcard is attached as part of the invitation. It is easily removed and mailed back by your guests. Another benefit to this style is the postage savings since your guests are mailing back a postcard.

6. Buy your thank you cards at the same time you order your wedding invitations to save on shipping costs. Most often you will find thank you cards are available to match your invitation style.

7. Choose black ink which is normally included in the invitation price. There is an additional per-item-ordered cost for colored inks. This means a separate ink charge for the invitations, response cards, reception cards, return address printing, etc., which can add up.

8. Pass on the option of having a colored lining on your inner envelopes which is an additional cost. It can be a nice touch but most guests will be paying more attention to the invitation itself.

9. Include your reception information right on your invitation to eliminate a separate reception card (having less weight in the envelope might even save you from affixing extra postage). If space allows, your dinner and reception details can be added on as extra lines aligned with the rest of your verse printing. Some invitation styles allow the option of a corner copy: 3 – 4 lines that appear in the bottom left or right corner usually in a smaller sized font. There may be a small extra charge for these lines. Corner copy is not recommended for narrow or tea length styles.

10. Be sure the size and shape of your wedding invitation will only need a regular first class stamp. Sometimes a note indicating that extra postage will be required is posted online for those unique designs. Another suggestion is to purchase a sample so you can check with the Post Office if you are unsure. Keep in mind the envelopes and any extra enclosures will add to the final mailing weight possibly increasing the required postage.

I hope you find some of these suggestions helpful. Everyone has their own idea of how their invitations will look and only you know what you are willing to compromise on in fulfilling your dream. Just remember that your invitations will provide your guests with their first glance of your wedding.

by Sara Haese