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How to…Be a Good Groom

Guys, the months leading up to your wedding day are undoubtedly some of the most stressful times your bride will go through in her life. There is one thing you can do to help…be a good groom! In a nutshell here are some “Tips For Grooms to Keep Your Bride Happy”

This just means cooperate, show a little interest, send her flowers once in a while, and stay away from anything which will add stress to her life at this time. Ask if there is anything you can do to help and just know your role when it comes to certain areas. Here are some sure fire ways to score points with your bride before you start you new life together!

Tips for grooms - Fineline Weddings

Pay attention to the important events leading up to your wedding, and do something special for her on those days to show you are thinking about her.

  • Send her flowers on the day of her bridal shower or even the morning of the wedding;
  • Show up at the end of her bridal shower to help load gifts into the car;
  • Remember special anniversaries and dates that fall around that time and acknowledge them. Remind her why she is marrying you!

Give your bride your undivided attention when she asks for your input on something. No matter how much you could care less about it, if she asks you, then it is important to her. Act as if you care and give a thoughtful response.

Make sure your new wife has a clean, romantic room to return to after the reception.

  • Have the maid come and tidy up;
  • Order champagne and chocolate covered strawberries to be waiting for your return as husband and wife;
  • Have rose petals scattered about the room to begin your honeymoon with a romantic touch.

Be thoughtful of the wedding pictures! She is going to cherish them forever!

  • Don’t get your hair cut right before the wedding. Give it a week to ten days to settle.
  • Wear sun block if you are golfing or engaging in other outdoor activities in the days leading up to your wedding. She is not going to want a sunburned groom in all of her pictures!
  • If you are participating in any extreme activities for your bachelor party, such as a football game with the guys, or a rock climbing excursion, try not to come home with a chipped tooth or black eye!

Make sure you spend time mingling with all of your wedding guests, but be sure to not lose track of your bride. Spend most of the reception with her.

While you don’t want to write your best man’s speech for him, make sure he at least mentions your bride in it. Don’t let him ramble on about the two of you and your college years. After all, you are marrying her, not him.

Most importantly, just be a source of comfort and support. Brides are emotional creatures, as you will find out, and need the love and understanding of the person they hold most dear!

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