In today’s society, green can mean so much more than just the color of your wedding invitations. ‘Going green’ is a very popular topic these days even when it comes to wedding planning and can start with your invites. There are a number of easy ways to be more environmentally conscience with your invitations some of which may even save you some money.

Use recycled paper stock

The biggest way is having your invitations printed on recycled paper stock. Designs on recycled papers have come a long way in giving you some gorgeous choices.

Another way to ‘think green’ with your wedding invitations is to simply reduce the amount of paper used for your invitation ensemble.

Suggested ways to save on paper

Select an invitation style that comes with only one envelope for mailing thus eliminating the familiar inner envelope. An example of this style is a self-mailer invitation where the envelopment wraps around all of your pieces and seals up to become the actual mailing envelope. Another benefit of having only one envelope is that you will save on your handwriting time. This style may require extra postage depending on its overall size.

Use a response postcard to eliminate the need for a return mailing envelope and to save on postage. Opt for a seal and send wedding invitation which gets mailed without a separate envelope. This economical all-in-one design folds up and seals into its own self-mailing piece. This style also has a response postcard attached for easy removal and mailing back by your guests.
Choose a smaller sized single-panel invitation card instead of a larger folded or layered style.

Include your reception information on your invitation to avoid including a separate reception card (having less weight in the envelope may even save you from affixing extra postage). If space allows, your dinner and reception details can be added on as extra lines aligned with the rest of your verse printing, or some invitation styles allow the option of a corner copy – 3-4 lines that appear in the bottom left or right corner usually in a smaller sized font. There may be a small extra charge for corner copy which is not recommended for narrow or tea length styles.
Set up a personal wedding website to give your guests easy access to online maps, directions, area hotels, gift registry information, etc., instead of printing extra invitation insert pieces.

Today it is easier than ever to make earth-friendly choices when selecting your wedding invitations without sacrificing quality and style. Every little bit helps when it comes to saving our planet and some of your choices might even save you some ‘green’ (money) in the process.

Contributed by Sara Haese