To find the perfect wedding gown with a custom fit, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Don’t be afraid to try on different styles. Find what looks best on you. Does it make you feel beautiful? You just may fall in love with a gown that is completely different from what you thought you would like.

Did you see a gown in a magazine that looked perfect? When you try it on at a bridal salon, you may find this is not the right gown for you. Perfect tailoring, fit, and quality workmanship are so important.  A less expensive gown that fits to perfection, can look like a million compared to a very costly gown that has not been tailored properly.

Insist on being fitted by the same person who is doing the actual work.

Expect a few fittings, if necessary. A final fitting, close to your wedding date, will check for any weight changes and final adjustments.

Your dream gown can be created from a ready made gown.

Changes in style and design can be made. Heirloom gowns can be restored, and made into a very special something old…something new!

Visit a fabric store to familiarize yourself with the fabrics used for wedding gowns. Ask for swatches. The most commonly used fabrics for bridal gowns are as follows:

  • Bridal Satin- a heavier weight satin with a shiny pearl-like luster. Resists wrinkles.
  • Italian Satin- a very popular bridal satin with a nice weight and shine.
  • Silk Satin- thicker, it has the highest quality, and it is expensive!!! Resists wrinkles and stains.
  • Silk Shantung- lightweight, slightly nubby texture, prominent horizontal lines. Usually natural in color, light cream or ivory. Choose a higher quality..lower quality can wrinkle.
  • Silk Duppioni- more exotic than shantung. Highly textured and iridescent.
  • Charmeuse- medium weight, silk charmeuse is beautiful! It is also called crepe-back satin. Reversible.
  • Brocade- medium to heavy weight. Usually a floral jacquard weave with a beautiful embossed effect and contrasting surface. Gorgeous!
  • Faille- soft, lightweight, wider ribbed fabric, with a slight glassy sheen.
  • Chiffon- very sheer. It is often used for overlays. Floats and swirls beautifully!
  • Georgette- a variety of chiffon, just a little heavier.
  • Organza-Silk- sheer, similar to chiffon with a crisp and stronger feel.
  • Taffeta- has a characteristic rustle. Crisp feel with a shiny finish. Also comes in a matte finish. Taffeta will water spot easily and will show wrinkles if sitting for some time.
  • Velvet- luxurious, soft, and elegant! Silk, rayon is best.

Contributed by Nicolette Germain