We love Kandee Johnson! She has some fabulous wedding makeup, wedding hairstyles and overall beauty tips videos. Find her just about anywhere – You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – start watching her and learn. Her approach is very down to earth ass she does videos using department store make up as well as drugstore makeup. She has helped me find some awesome drug store makeup I ended up liking more than the expensive stuff. She is also very upbeat and positive and just makes you feel good about yourself! She’s gorgeous inside and out.

DIY Wedding Makeup

Here is a great video she did with some really helpful makeup tips for your wedding day. DIY wedding makeup is not as difficult as you may think. Honestly, a little practice and you’ll be applying makeup like a pro. Be ready for a day of wedding photos, laughing, crying and non stop fun with this awesome wedding make up video from Kandee. I promise, you will love her and learn a lot about how to DIY!

If you prefer to have a professional makeup artist do your wedding make up and hair – watch her for different makeup looks and hairstyle ideas. I love to watch her every morning as I am trying to turn myself into

Please comment below and let us know if you like Kandee as much as I do!