The cost of hotel reservations can put a huge dent in your budget. So, the first step to an enjoyable honeymoon vacation is to plan in advance and formulate a travel budget. Once the budget has been decided upon, start allotting amounts into sections, like transportation, food etc. and the amount  you have after subtracting these expenses from the overall travel budget, is your hotel budget.

At this point it’s important to find the right discounts hotels, at the right price. And, since accommodation costs are difficult to pin down, it takes an informed traveler to get the best room, at the best price. This requires a lot of research, as soon as you’ve decided on the hotel budget. And it’s possible to find a good comfortable hotel within your budget. All you need is some patience and research.

Searching and Finding a Hotel within Your Budget

Although discount hotels are easy to find, when shopping for discount hotels be sure to visit several competitive web sites. Rates for discount hotels can vary based on where the rates are from, the exact time you the hotel reservation is booked and the exact day or days the hotel reservation is for. The total cost of a hotel reservation also includes the sum of the daily rates plus taxes, fees and any additional charges.

Other factors, however, should be taken into account when searching for discount hotels. Also, reservations for discount hotels, which include special events in, or near the discount hotels or which include holidays during the hotel stay, can be far more expensive. Sometimes location is an important factor than price when selecting a discount hotel. So, if you’re attending a conference, convention or other event, it’s best to choose a hotel that is very near to where the event is than a cheaper hotel on the other side of the town. However, if getting the best hotel deals is more important, then you should plan your vacation during those times of the year when the hotels have discounted rates.

Travel During the Off Season

Discount hotels reservations at the best rates can be difficult or impossible to get during the so-called high travel season. But, they’re usually more readily available during the off season. In addition when traveling to places like Las Vegas, Orlando and other Florida cities, going when there are no school breaks can help you get the best hotel deals. So, flexibility in timing can be the key to finding discount hotels. And, research your travel destination thoroughly to determine if traveling in the off-season makes sense. Knowing a hotel’s policies and extra charges can help in the hotel selection process and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Then there are some discount hotels that allow children below a certain age to stay with their parents, for free. If you choose such a hotel, find out in advance whether they charge extra for cots, extra linen or towels.

Some discount hotels allow cancellations without charges up to 6 pm on the day of arrival while others charge for 1 night stay if you cancel a hotel reservation within 7 days of arrival. So, when making reservations, take all these factors into consideration, to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Sometimes, the more expensive hotels have special rates for residents during the low season. You could even get a discount of 30 %. And, if you do all the researching online, you’ll be able to keep the operating costs down. And the hotels need not for a high-street office space, or all the elevated costs included in running a typical travel agency. This way, they can keep the prices low, and you get to save on our discount hotel rates.

by Erica Johnson

photo by Maria Angela Photography