Many girls think about, dream, and plan their own fairy tale wedding from a very young age. And many men allow their brides-to-be to plan each aspect of the wedding ceremony and reception to reflect each and every desire. So it is only a natural for the bride to be the focal point of her wedding. But too many photographers are quick to focus solely on the bride during her special day and forget to capture very many pictures of the groom and his groomsmen. The bride is most definitely important, but there is still another essential part of the marriage equation. While the guys may not outwardly show their emotions as obviously as those of the ladies; there is still plenty of emotion floating around. The key is to catch the right moment at precisely the right time.

The day of the wedding is one of controlled chaos. Photos are being snapped left and right during each and every moment of the entire day. But you want to be sure to get plenty of quality pictures of the groom with his groomsmen. Before the wedding ceremony is probably the most ideal time, as after the ceremony everyone will be socializing and having a good time, not to mention completely exhausted. Photographs taken before the main event can better capture the high emotional state and ensures everyone is looking their absolute best.

When possible, try to make use of any props you have available at the wedding venue. Take a variety of pictures both indoors and outdoors, assuming the weather is cooperative. Search for any items that can be used in pictures both inside and out. The groom and groomsmen will make jokes and mess around with any objects they find. These silly moments make for great photo opportunities.

One pose that is growing in popularity is the jump pose. It seems every wedding album has one, and they are a lot of fun to do. But they do require perfect timing. Sitting, standing, walking, dancing, jumping, they all make for great and unique photos.

Cram all the groomsmen into a small space, making them look mischievous and like they are up to no good. Many groomsmen like to wear something out of the ordinary like a superhero tee under their dress shirt or crazy socks. Be sure to capture the creativity and fun side of the wedding day.Guys goof off and joke around while waiting for the wedding to start in order to take their minds off the internal emotional commotion. It takes just a few minutes for them to get ready for the wedding, and the rest of the time is simply spent waiting. They may not show it as prominently as the ladies do, but the guys have plenty of strong emotions swirling around within.

Sometimes it simply takes a quiet moment away from the chaos to capture those feelings on camera. Slow down the crazy stunts and take a breather. Moments of repose will allow the strong emotions to permeate and fully show.Boys will be boys. Allow the guys to be themselves and have fun with the photo shoot. Be sure to get a good mix of silly and serious photographs to fully capture the essence of the wedding day. Use a wide variety of poses and ideas, and let the guys guide the shoot a bit as well. Be open to ideas and do whatever it takes to capture those special moments between the guys.