A butterfly release is a beautiful and romantic event, especially at the conclusion of your wedding ceremony. Read on to see if this might be the perfect touch for your wedding in Pittsburgh!

Should I Release Butterflies At My Event?

Only if you want a spectacular event. Your guests will remember how truly awesome the butterfly release was. It will make your wedding ceremony an event to remember.  Butterflies represent new life and hope. What better way to show the start of your new life and all of the hopes and dreams you have together. And when you do release those butterflies, do not forget to whisper your wishes to them. When you set them free, they will take them to the heavens to be granted. Now doesn’t that sound better than rice or bird seed or rose petals?

What Do I Do With My Butterflies If It Rains?

You have ordered your butterflies and they are on their way. Now you find out that it is going to rain. What do you do? Naturally, you can not release your butterflies if it is raining. You would not want to stand in the rain to release them and they just would not fly.

But, no  worries. You can plan ahead for this. A beautiful hanging cage can be made for your butterflies to be used at the reception or even viewed as guests enter into your wedding. Or you can make up lovely baskets of flowers and cover these baskets with tulle. Place the butterflies inside and now you have lovely centerpieces. You can then release the butterflies at a later date whenever the rain stops. You will want to mist the butterflies if they are going to be in the display cages for a long period of time. You can also feed them watermelon Gatorade. Your guests will love watching them.

Talk with your butterfly farmer to help you decide how to plan in case of rain. Many farmers have display cages that you can purchase or even rent. Some will even explain on how to make your own. So don’t let rain dampen your day with the your butterflies. Your guests will marvel at the displays, and you will be able to release the butterflies later when it no longer is raining.

How Will My Butterflies Be Shipped And When Can I Expect Them?

Your butterflies will be shipped in individual envelopes. They are then packed into an insulated box with an ice pack. They will be shipped to you, overnight, either thru UPS, FedEx and sometimes the United States Post Office. Some farmers are starting to use DHL, but DHL does not overnight to all locations yet. There is an extra charge for deliveries made on Saturdays. Also, not all areas have Saturday deliveries, so checking to make sure that you can receive packages on Saturdays is strongly advised.

The butterflies are placed into individual envelopes to help protect their wings. This does not hurt them and also helps to keep them protected. Your butterflies will usually arrive the day before your event. You will want to make sure that someone is there when the butterflies arrive. You would not want them to be sitting in the hot sun. Check to see if the ice pack is still cold and that the butterflies are okay. If your ice pack is not cold, you will want to replace it. Place your butterflies in a cool place, preferably out of the direct sun. They will be fine until the next day.

On the day of the event, you will then want to get the butterflies ready for their big display. It is usually a good idea to elect one person to be in charge of the butterflies. A reputable farmer will have included instructions on caring for your butterflies and will answer any questions that you may have about them.

by Jodi Hopper

Photo from Wish Upon a Butterfly