Start your skin regiment early to have the most picture perfect skin on your wedding day.

6 Months Until Wedding Day

Six months may seem like a long time, but not when you’re planning a wedding! It takes about three to four months to reverse the signs of aging and sun damage in your skin so now is the time to start consulting with a dermatologist or an aesthetician about facials, chemical peels, laser treatments, and any other non-invasive treatments and procedures.

Helpful Tip: Ask your dermatologist or aesthetician if they offer discounts if you buy a skincare package instead of paying for treatments individually. You might be laying more money on the table at once, but it’ll save you more in the long run when you’re dealing with last minute wedding expenses.

By now you’ve probably consulted a personal trainer or thought about pre-wedding fitness and nutritional plans. This is a great start! Exercise helps improve the appearance of your skin and changing your diet to include more vitamin E, A, C, B, and zinc helps your skin produce a natural glow.

Have beautiful skin by your wedding day.

Have beautiful skin by your wedding day.

4 Months Until Wedding Day

You’re seeing your dermatologist or aesthetician every few weeks to once a month for skin treatments, your skin is starting to turn itself around, and you like the improvements. Now it’s time to start searching for a makeup artist. Ask friends and family who they’d recommend and it’s probably best to see more than one or two just to get an idea of styles and products. Once you find one book a trial for one to two months before your wedding with the makeup artists you’re most impressed with.

Are you going to want a slight tan for your nuptials? Choose the safer route and opt for a UV-free tan. Also you don’t want to reverse the beautiful effects you’ve been seeing from your skin treatments. Try out a salon that offers UV-free tanning and see how natural the color looks and how it fades. If you’d rather go for an at-home method try a few (St. Tropez is my personal favorite) and see which one you like best. Besides the color make sure to pay attention to the smell and if color comes off and stains your clothing.

1-2 Months Until Wedding Day

You’ve probably been so busy finalizing plans and details you almost forgot about that bridal makeup trial you booked. It’s a good thing you chose to book it months back! Your bridal makeup trial is the perfect time to test out your different options. Try bold eye makeup with a natural lip, a bold lip and light eye makeup, experiment with color and just have fun with it!

Six weeks out from your wedding is when you’ll want to book your last peel in your package. After your last peel it’s best to focus on lighter and gentler treatments like hydrating facials that will provide upkeep. Also if you’re looking into any other non-invasive treatments you’ll want to look into those at the two-month mark.

While you’re booking your last appointments with your dermatologist or aesthetician make sure to ask them about exfoliating cleansers. By this time they know your skin better than anyone else and can give you great recommendations, including products they may have in their office. Besides an exfoliator the only other skincare product you may be interested in would be a vitamin C serum. Vitamin C provides a natural glow for your skin and can be used every day in conjunction with your other skincare products.

1-2 Weeks Until Wedding Day

Become best friends with your exfoliator during this time. It’s not necessary, nor is it good for your skin, to exfoliate every day, but every three to four days is sufficient and will help maintain a smooth complexion. You can also book your last facial two weeks out from your wedding, but remember make sure it’s a very gentle facial!

Another best friend you should make—water! Water helps hydrate your skin to keep your pores clear. Make sure to drink plenty of water every day and even carry around a water bottle with you as a constant reminder. Those who carry water bottles around with them are shown to drink more water than those who choose not to.

I hope you’ve already celebrated your last days as a single lady because alcohol is no longer your friend if you’d like to keep up that beautiful glow and maintain the hydration in your skin. Alcohol also increases any redness in your face.

Day of Wedding

Today is the big day and you might be a little bit nervous or stressed, which is completely normal! Dab rubbing alcohol or squeeze a lemon over any blemishes to dry them out and apply a concealer with salicylic acid. For puffy eyes lay a caffeinated tea bag over your eyes while you lay down and relax for a few minutes. Most importantly—continue to drink water!

Now go meet your groom at the other end of the aisle!

by Claire Keller