How romantic can a beach wedding ceremony be? What better way to say ‘I love you’ than with the sand running between your toes? It’s all true; a beach wedding is beautiful, romantic and picturesque. But beach wedding ceremonies have their problems too!

So where are you intending to have your beach wedding? Is it a Caribbean beach wedding or a Hawaiian beach wedding or maybe your intending to have a Florida beach wedding? It doesn’t really matter which divine tropical location you’re going to have your ocean theme wedding at, they all have one thing in common. They are all warm to hot and that can play merry hell with your choice of beach wedding clothes.

It wouldn’t be good to wear a really beautiful gown only to have hideous wet marks from heat induced sweat ruining the look, and all the beach wedding photos. So wear something appropriate and pick the cooler morning or late afternoon for the beach wedding ceremony. Wear something light and loose in natural materials, for instance cotton, and for the men (who sweat more) suggest under vests to absorb the sweat and keep them feeling cooler and dryer during the beach wedding.

Wind And The Beach Wedding Ceremony

Remember that a beach wedding is an outdoor wedding and therefore you are at the mercy of the elements! Mostly in the tropics, they are at least predictable and can be worked around. For instance, it may well be windy so don’t have things that are easily blown around as part of the décor of your beach wedding. Make sure that things like the centerpieces are heavy enough to stay put! Use lovely heavy glass vases or add a layer of sand inside the containers to increase their weight. You can outline the path to your beach wedding ceremony with stones or sea shells to give even more of a marine feeling to your beach wedding.

Don’t forget to be prepared for the worst. Just in case the weather should turn to rain have a back up room in the venue which you can use so the wedding can happily proceed. Make sure the guests are fully informed of what is happening before the time arrives.

The Unity Sand Ceremony

Another beach wedding idea is to have the more traditional Unity Candle Ceremony replaced by the Unity Sand Ceremony. At your beach wedding, you can even scoop up the sand at your feet to use in the ceremony, and as a permanent souvenir of the glorious beach where you had your wedding! It also solves the problem of the wind blowing out the Unity Candle. The Unity Sand Ceremony is only a few minutes long. The bride and groom each pour sand into a Unity Vase from a separate container. This symbolizes their two separate lives coming together, being joined and continuing on as one. It is a simple, beautiful and heart felt ceremony, and is really well suited for a beach wedding. Other family members, particularly children of the couple, are also able to join in and be a part of the ceremony!

The beach wedding site can be pretty noisy with wind, surf, birds and maybe other happy people if you are on a public beach. So ensure that there is some kind of public address system so you can be heard taking your vows.

Soft Sand and High Heels

Soft sand can be difficult for the elderly or disabled to walk on, and it can be a real challenge for high heels. For yourself, consider sandals or bare feet for your beach wedding. It’s wonderful feeling the sand squidging up between your toes! For your guests, seriously consider getting some flooring for the seating and tables to prevent them from sinking into the sand.

Keep the beach wedding theme flowing through the food you serve. Use sea shells or abalone shells to serve seafoods in. Have a Hawaiian pit roast or a BBQ instead of a ‘normal’ meal. For the cake, have it laced with dark or heavy rum as they do in the West Indies!

We may have made the idea of a beach wedding sound as if it has insurmountable problems. This is not really so. Any wedding has challenges to overcome. With a little planning your beach theme wedding can be a true highlight of your life!

By Sharon Vaz
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