Weddings which take place on a sandy beach are thought of as being romantic, so why not share that idea with beach wedding invitations.

Beach wedding invitations can be perfect for tropical, destination and seashore weddings. What could be more romantic than exchanging your vows on a tranquil beach with silky sand underneath your feet and the soothing sound of rolling waves? Your setting may even include an awesome view of the sun setting over the water. The exciting news is that these amazing scenes can be captured and shared with guests through your wedding invitations.

Here are some ideas on how to share the romance of your wedding by mailing out themed beach wedding invitations:

Color – Greens, blues, aquas, bright colors, and shimmery pearls come to mind to symbolize lush palm trees, clear blue waters, vibrant tropical flowers and pretty seashells.

Shape – If you are looking to be more whimsical, invitations can also come in unique, fun shapes such as beach chairs, flip flops, airplane tickets, etc. These types of wedding invites would certainly surprise and delight your guests.

Design – The beach theme can be illustrated by picturesque palm trees, a sunny beach scene, bright tropical flowers, shimmery seashells or maybe a couple strolling in a romantic seaside setting.

Photography – How about featuring a photo of a romantic beach scene on your wedding invitation such as a spectacular sunset or a hand-drawn heart in the sand.

Depending on the style of your wedding, your beach invitations may be formal or more on the casual side. A more casual invite may be appropriate if you are planning a small destination ceremony followed by a post-wedding reception when returning home.

In keeping with your theme, you will also find a great selection of beach save the date magnets and cards if you will be announcing your wedding ahead of your actual invitation. This is often a good idea when having a wedding which will involve your guests traveling to a destination.

by Sara Haese