Barn weddings create the back drop for some of the most romantic weddings ever. If you have always dreamt of a more rustic wedding, kind of vintage with a bit of country thrown in, than a barn wedding may be the perfect wedding venue for you.

Barn wedding venues are popping up all over the country and we have our fair share of gorgeous barn wedding locations right here in the Pittsburgh area. These venues offer the bride and groom an opportunity to combine rustic wedding ideas and country wedding decor, toss in some vintage and create something unique and charming. Who can help but love the combination of the old wood with twinkle lights and mason jars with fresh farm grown flowers? And a barn wedding can be dressed up or down to match the style and decor of your wedding and offer endless appeal.

Barns come in all shapes and sizes, just like weddings, so you are bound to find just the right barn wedding venue and tons of ideas here and on Pinterest to bring it all together. Here are a few wedding photos of Pittsburgh barn weddings featuring real country wedding venues and showcasing some of the best rustic wedding ideas, barn decorations, flowers and invitations to help you find the perfect inspiration for your barn wedding.

Remember, there are many different styles of barn weddings, from all-out elegance to simple, country chic. Here are some barn wedding decoration ideas which will help create an inviting space.

  1. Lights – Lots of them! Lighting at weddings creates instant ambiance. Unlike the uplighting used at more formal wedding venues, strands of twinkle lights will make the barn radiant,
    Rustic wedding ideas for barn weddings

    Barn Wedding at Maple Lane Farm – romantic candles and twinkle lights.

    sparkly and enchanting. Barns generally don’t have the greatest lighting – but strands of lights hung about your dining area will make a huge impact.

  2. Candles – Candle at weddings add such a romantic glow. Use them wherever you can to creatively light your space. Again, this will help to light up your space and add a romantic glow. As always, use open flames with caution as your barn wedding venue is made of wood.
  3. Glass – Bottles in various colors and shapes make for superb barn wedding centerpieces. You can also fill them with flowers and suspend them with string from the ceiling. We still love the mason jar look filled with fresh flowers.
  4. Chalkboards – Chalkboards always make people feel so comfortable – they do me, anyway, and are a great fit for barn weddings as menu boards or even seating charts. You can even make your own chalkboard signs. Tons of ideas on Pinterest, as always.
  5. Burlap – Burlap table runners look great at a barn wedding – and burlap is an excellent choice for brides on a budget.
  6. Ribbon– The soft, flowing quality of ribbon fits in nicely in a barn setting. Especially if wrapped around twinkle light as in the photo above. Ribbon can also be used to add pops of color to the earthy, rustic tones inside a barn.
  7. Buntings – Buntings are a great way to add colors and patterns to an earthy backdrop.
  8. Tins – Vintage tin cans and watering cans add a rustic vibe to your table decor.
  9. Chandeliers – A chandelier adds instant elegance to a space and is one of the most transformative barn wedding elements.
  10. Drapery – Drapes and flowing material can be hung from the ceiling or at the entrance way. I think it is the contrast which makes it so interesting.

Showcasing the talents of Pittsburgh’s Best – FineLine Photography

Rustic wedding ideas for a country wedding and barn wedding venues

Twinkle lights and ribbons for are rustic wedding ideas for your barn wedding. Photo by FineLine Photography at the Barn in Ligonier Valley.

Country weddings and rustic wedding ideas

Barn at Ligonier Valley – lovely setting for rustic weddings. Photo by FineLine Photography

Rustic wedding ideas at barn weddings

Charming rustic wedding decorations such as mason jars with fresh flowers. Photo by FineLine Photography.

Country weddings and rustic wedding ideas for Pittsburgh wedding venues

Barn wedding venue in Pittsburgh – great party place! Photo by Fineline Photography

Barn weddings in Pittsburgh wedding venues

Pittsburgh’s Barn at Ligonier Valley – a beautiful setting for a country wedding. Photo by FineLine Photography.

Wedding cakes in Pittsburgh barn wedding venues

Rustic wedding cake at a Barn at Ligonier Valley wedding reception. Photo by FineLine Photography.

Barn weddings in Pittsburgh Destiny Hill Farms

Chandeliers give a barn wedding so much charm. Destiny Hill Farms rustic wedding ideas.

Rustic wedding ideas for barn wedding venue

Rustic Wedding Decor at a Destiny Hill Farm Barn Wedding in Washington, PA

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