Become more familiar with some of the unique sizes of wedding invitations available today.

The choices associated with wedding invitations are truly endless. One of your first selections will involve the wide range of sizes and shapes available. Many common sizes are typically in the area of 5 1/2″ x 8″, give or take a little on each side. Here we are going to discuss a few unique sizes that have become popular and are quite distinctive in their appearance. It will be helpful to become familiar with them in preparation for your wedding invitation shopping.

Square invitations are typically single cards that are larger in size often requiring extra mailing postage. This notation may appear within the product description but you should always take one that is ready to mail to the Post Office for an official opinion.

Tea length wedding invitations are typically 9 1/4″ x 4″ making them a unique size. Their design can be built around a vertical or horizontal layout.

Seal n send invitations are longer in length due to their multi-panel design with the very bottom panel being a response postcard that easily detaches for guests to return. This all-in-one invitation design is folded up and sealed into its own self-mailing piece using marked folding lines. They are known as being economical since they don’t require a mailing envelope and the response postcard that is attached eliminates a return envelope and saves on postage since only a postcard stamp is needed. Prices usually include the printing of both the return address on the outside panel and the return mailing address on the response postcard.

Pocket wedding invites come in various sizes, especially in their pre-assembled form. A pocket for holding enclosure cards can appear on the side or at the bottom, depending on the design. The invitation card itself can be square or long in length which will determine the finished size once it’s all assembled for mailing. Again, be sure to check with the Post Office to be sure you are using the correct amount of postage, especially on self-mailer pocket styles.

Shapes – If you are looking for a truly novel way to announce your wedding to family and friends, specially shaped invitations could be the answer. Examples of themed shapes include autumn leaves, seashells, luggage tags, vineyard wine bottles, playing cards/poker chips, etc. If the unique shapes are compact in size, your information may be spread over several themed cards that are creatively connected by a piece of ribbon. On occasion, even enclosure cards may be in a shape closely related to the themed invitation. Choosing a shape design will certainly make your invitations memorable.

You’ll probably encounter many sizes of wedding invitations or you may decide to seek out one of the specific sizes mentioned here if it sounds interesting to you.

Contributed by Printed Creations