Pittsburgh Wedding Advertising FAQ's

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Here are some of the most common Pittsburgh Wedding Advertising FAQ’s from potential wedding vendors. If you are looking for the most effective and affordable advertising focused on the Pittsburgh market, please read through these. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for please give us a call. 877.424.4460

1 - What is the difference between Directory and Preferred Advertising?

Directory advertising showcases your listing and banner throughout only the vendor directory section of the website. The vendor directory is accessible from several places on our home page, and from the top navigation menu by using the Find Vendors link.

Preferred advertising showcases your banner (which links directly to your website) on all of our main content pages and blog pages. Preferred listings also include a free Top Banner Directory Listing to provide you with maximum exposure.

2 - I used to have a Sky Scraper listing in the old vendory directory. The cost was $199/yr and I uploaded a Sky Scraper banner 140px X 330px. Why don’t I see that now?

All Sky Scraper listings have been upgraded (at no charge) to Top Banner listings. When we redesigned Pittsburgh Wedding, we chose to discontinue the Skyscraper listing and have only two types of directory advertising banners. This gives our vendors more value for their investment as the price of the Top Banner listings were reduced to only $199 per year (the cost of the old Skyscraper Listing). Instead of the smaller 140 x 330 banner which used to appear on the side page, you can now upload a larger 540 x 150 banner. Only one banner at a time is displayed at the top of the page.

As an added benefit, Top Banner Listings rotate in the top tier of each category, which will get much more exposure and be at the top of the page more often. We do ask that you have your new banner created & uploaded as soon as possible to get the most value out of your advertising. If you don’t have the means to have a banner professionally created, please let us know. We have a design team that creates advertising banners for us for a nominal fee.

3 - I used to have several accounts and listings on the old site. How to I access those accounts/listings now? What username do I use?

We have now merged all of your information into one account. If you had multiple usernames before, we tried to choose the oldest or simplest name and put all your listings in one place under that user account. (If you have forgotten or are unable to pinpoint the correct one, give us a call at 877-424-4460 and we will be happy to help)

Once you access your User Account, all of your listings will be displayed. You can adjust the text, add an image logo, meta title and meta descriptions, gallery images and upload your advertising banners from there.

4 - What pages will my banner ad be displayed on in the directory?

Banners from every category are visible on the Directory Home Page.

When a Bride clicks a vendor category, only banners pertaining to that category are visible.

When a Bride clicks on a paid vendors listing – no other banners are displayed.

When a Bride clicks on a free listing – banners from that category are displayed.

5 - Are other vendor’s banners visible when a bride views my listing?

If you are a paid advertiser, then NO. When a Bride clicks on a paid listing – no other banners are displayed.

However, when a free listing is clicked on – banners from that category are displayed.

6 - How many pages is my banner ad displayed on with Preferred Top Banner advertising?

Your 540 x 150 banner ad will be the single top banner displayed on over 35+ interior (content) pages or our site. It rotates with other Preferred Top Banners. The limit for top banners will not exceed the number of interior pages. Interior pages will be added on a continual basis, giving your Preferred Top Banner more exposure.

Additionally, since a Top Banner Directory Listing is included in this package, your banner will be displayed on the main page of the vendor directory as well as on your category page.

7 - How many pages is my banner ad displayed on with Preferred Side Banner Advertising?

Your 150 x 150 banner will be displayed on almost every page of the site! This includes over 50 interior pages and over 170 blog posts and counting! Your side banner will rotate and be viewed with other side banners and is visible on numerous pages at the same time.

Additionally, since a Side Banner Directory Listing is included in this package, your banner will be displayed on the main page of the vendor directory as well as on your category page.

8 - It seems like Preferred Side Banner advertising places my banner on a lot more pages. Why should I choose Preferred Top Banner advertising over Side?

Actually, Preferred Top Banner advertising includes Preferred Side Banner placement of a 150 x 150 banner in the side rotation. It also includes a Top Banner Listing in the directory, which gives your listing considerably more visibility than a Preferred Side Banner Ad alone.

9 - What benefit is there in filling out the meta information in my listing?

Meta titles, meta key words and meta descriptions speak to search engines, which in turn bring brides to your listing. These elements are use for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and appear within the html code of the web page. They are not visible to the bride & groom.

To fill out these areas most effectively, consider what search strings a bride will use when looking for your services.

10 - I need help adding the Meta Fields within my listing.

Try to use all the available space in each of the meta fields. These are keywords that will help brides find you. Pretend you are a bride looking for your service. What would you type into the search bar?

Important note: We suggest you add the meta keywords first and save your listing, then go back and add the meta title & meta description. Our system will only allow a maximum of 20 words (regardless of commas). If you exceed 20 words and attempt to save the listing, it deletes them all and makes you begin again.

Here are some examples of how a photographer may fill out each of these fields:

Meta keywords: wedding photography, wedding photographers, wedding photographer in Pittsburgh, Butler wedding photography, best wedding photographers, affordable wedding photographers

Meta titles: Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photography in Butler, PA

Meta description: Wedding photographers for weddings in Pittsburgh. Wedding photography in Butler. Bridal photos by the best photographers in Pittsburgh.

11 - Where do I edit my current listings?

Click the link that says Vendor Login (located under the support section in the upper navigation menu). Login to your account with your username and password. Once logged in, you can click the link in the left column that says My Listings.

12 - Where do I upload images to my image gallery? Nothing appears in my listing about images.

Login to your vendor account, then click on ‘My Listings’ located in the left column. This is where you will spend most of your time. This section shows all of the orders associated with your account. Each listing will be assigned a unique order. To view or edit a listing, simply click on the paper/pencil icon in the far right column of a particular order.

From here you can view your listing, edit your listing, upload/modify images to your image gallery, upload/modify advertising banners and view statistics for your listing. If you have multiple listings, they will each be displayed as a separate order and each must be edited individually.

13 - How do I get a logo or image to appear within my listing?

The image displayed within your listing is called the logo. This is added/removed in the Edit Listing area. Simply click the paper/pencil icon to edit your listing, then scroll down the page past the description fields, address, phone, etc. until you see Logo. Click browse to upload a 150 x 150 banner from your local computer. Once you click submit it should display within your listing. Be sure to click submit at the bottom of the listing to save all changes.

Note: Advertising Banners are different than Logos and must be uploaded using the banner up-loader. Advertising banners are displayed on the directory home page and your category page. Whereas Logo are displayed within your listing.