Everyone is talking about the real Runaway Bride, and I’m sure being a bride yourself, part of you can understand what she was running from! Cold feet is a natural feeling for brides, as well as grooms. It’s a big decision to make, to spend the rest of your life with one person. Don’t loose sight of the feelings that made that decision for you. With emotions running high, and anger at the tip of your tongue, it can be easy to loose sight of this. I have a couple of tips for the weeks leading up to your wedding.

1. Massage and facials. Go to a day spa, be pampered for awhile. (Be sure not to do this closer than one week prior to your wedding. A good massage and facial can leave your skin looking irritated and blotchy.)

2. Trust the professionals you hired to take care of things on your wedding day. There are plenty of horror stories out there about things going wrong, or someone not showing up, but 99% of the time, everything is fine. If’ you have picked reputable companies, it’s going to be great.

3. Entrust a friend or someone close to you (if you are not hiring a wedding coordinator) to be there on your wedding day, as your voice. There is no need to add the extra responsibility of talking to vendors. Let someone else take care of it.

4. Go to a nice relaxing dinner with your fiance. No talk about the wedding, or wedding related items. DATE! Don’t forget to do this even when you’re married. After all, this is how you fell in love to begin with.

5. Remember to have a wonderful time and cherish the memories that are made on your wedding day. All of the stress, anguish and anxiety you went through to get here will all seem like a fading dream.

Contributed by Mara Denardo