There will be dozens of moments on your Pittsburgh wedding day that you will want your photographer to catch and preserve. Though wedding photos last forever, this day only comes around once a lifetime, so you only have one chance to get your pictures as perfect as possible! Here are a few style tips and ways to prepare and ensure your wedding photos come out flawless.

The Dress

Choosing a flattering dress for your body type is an undeniably important part of looking your best on your wedding day. You want the dress to compliment you in every way possible, as well as be genuinely comfortable; you don’t want the pain from a tight corset reflecting on your face and in the photographs. Choosing a gown based on your shape is simple – many retailers nowadays allow customers to browse wedding dresses by body type. Make sure the gown looks divine from all angles, not just the front, and consider how the tint looks against your skin tone, contrasted against the backdrop and under the colored lights.

Makeup and Hair

It is essential to hire a makeup artist and hair professional for your wedding if you want to look great in photographs. Attempting to do your own hair and makeup the day of will prove to be more difficult for you than you may have originally anticipated. With the combined stress of wedding planning, excitement of marrying the love of your life, and frenzied wedding party, properly contouring your face or creating the perfect smokey eye may not be your top priority. It is best to let someone else worry about these things and make you look fabulous and camera-ready. In addition, you should sync up with your beauty professionals before the wedding to choose hairstyle which you think best compliments you and your dress. You will likely want to have the hair stylist create the hairstyle beforehand so you can first see if you like it enough for the big day.

In regard to your choice in cosmetics, try to consult with your makeup artist about what will not only look good, but will also photograph well and standup to any environmental strains. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, heavy eye makeup that will streak with the slightest bit of perspiration will not be flattering. If the professional is experienced enough, he or she will be able to advise you about the kinds of matte products that can minimize your complexion’s shininess, highlight your eyes, and fill in your brows to add subtle drama, and more.

Skin Care

If you are a bride who feels like she must be tan before she walks down the aisle, proceed with caution. Should you determine to have a professional spray tan done for the first time, you will want to do a test run a month or so before the wedding so you know exactly what shade works best with your skin tone. The tanning bed is also a little tricky – you can sometimes actually get sun burnt from the bed or end up looking orange instead of sun kissed. For this reason, you may want to fore go the tanning bed and opt in for a recommended self-tanner.

Before their big day, many brides like to pamper and clear up their complexion with a professional or at home facial. Again, if it is your first time doing so, be sure to do a test run well in advance so you know which scrubs and serums are best for your skin type. A professional esthetician will use specialized equipment to extract the dirt and bacteria from your pores or reduce fine lines, acne scars and wrinkles, but the procedure can leave your face red and inflamed. Making your skin look bright and renewed can be as easy as using at-home beauty products like those sold online at EVINE Live ; just be sure to give a few days’ leeway, as deep cleaning will draw out the oils to the top of your skin and cause you to first break out before you clear up!


When deciding on the location or multiple locations for your wedding photographs, take into account the natural lighting of the area. When a room is dimly lit, the photographer may opt to use an artificial light, and sometimes this can create harsh shadows on those captured on film. Natural lighting important for both the pictures captured inside with your bridesmaids as well as outside with your groom. The more natural light there is, the better everyone will look! Weather permitting; consider having many of your posed photographs taken outdoors. Either way, talk with your photographer and be sure to schedule a walk-through of the location with him or her beforehand, so they know what equipment will be needed.

Don’t Stress

Being in front of the camera is not natural for all of us, but it is important that you don’t look uncomfortable in photos taken on your big day. The only advice we can give here is to try and just relax and smile. Don’t be nervous about the camera! By this time, you should know your photographer and your surroundings well. Consider practicing snapping a few photos with friends beforehand to become more relaxed with the overall process, as well as familiar with which positions create a more flattering pose. Not sure how to give a genuine-looking grin? Try the trick of placing the tip of your tongue against the back of your teeth.
Weddings are meant to enjoy and not to stress over. This is your big day, and you want to enjoy it because it will go by fast! Smile for the camera, and your photos will shine as bright as that smile on your face!

by Jessica Herbine

photo by Maria Angela Photography