Videography is all about catching candid moments of your guests enjoying themselves and photo booths provide just that.

How long do most family and bridal formal pictures take? The average formal session immediately after the ceremony takes approximately 30 minutes. This depends in large part to the size of the family, how organized and cooperative everyone is, and how much priority the bride and groom have on this part of the day. Most of our brides like to move through these formal photos in as short amount of time as possible in order to allow more time for the fun / romantic photos afterwards.

How many video cameras should a bride expect to have at her wedding day and what kind of cameras are the best to use? Our average package includes 2 camera operators at the ceremony and 1 at the reception. While a wedding can be shot with just one camera, having 2 guarantees a much cleaner production as well as helping to make sure certain moments that may happen quickly can be covered. We have some packages that includes 2 cameras at the reception, but 1 is just fine.

How do you find out if the videographer has won any awards or is very reliable? You can ask your videographer and if they do have awards hopefully they are sharing that information on their website. Some of the typical awards organizations include the videographer awards and the accolade competition. A quick search within these organizations’ websites can provide information. Often ‘googling’ your videographer can even turn up results from the videographer awards or accolade competition websites.

What is better for the final cut, DVD’s or VHS’s? Clearly DVD is a better delivery platform than VHS. We do educate our clients a little and let them know that there are two types of consumer DVD formats; DVD-R and DVD+R. In order to ensure playback compatibility we give our couples both formats just to be safe.

How much of a factor does weather play? Weather can certainly play a large role, especially if the wedding is to be held outdoors. However, any photographer or videographer should be able to adapt. Unless the wedding is planned to be held outdoors, the part of the day most reliant on good weather is the photo shoot session after the ceremony. In instances of poor weather most photographers will spend more time at the church and finding nice spots to come away with beautiful photos. If the bridal party is unable to head to an outdoor location due to poor weather conditions then finding a nice spot at your reception venue is the next best option. It’s good to have a back-up plan for this part of the day, but for the remainder of the day everything should proceed just as planned.

by Fred Findley

FineLine Weddings in Pittsburgh